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@dougal at least there’s no <blink> ;)

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@wjdennen on second thoughts:

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@wjdennen not a big deal, really… The default robots.txt doesn’t contain anything sensitive or must-have

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@josephscott I usually hit refresh fifteen or twenty times before I get a readable and short enough one…

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Okay, kilt ordered. You should see a few silly pictures of me in a few weeks :)

5:27pm May 31 2011 —

@josemv totally safe (some static files were compromised a few days ago but it’s been cleaned up — the joys of shared hosting!)

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@ArtemR yes shared hosting. Infrequent downtimes & hiccups, okay+ performance, features +++, all of this very fair given the price. <3′em!

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@ArtemR @Viper007Bond honestly, I love DH’s hosting. Most of my stuff are with them.

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@andrea_r Nah, not a fan of the UKs, I prefer Tartan style :)

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So. I’m completely digging this. Just not sure I’d wear it. Damn. So tempted. But scared. #kilt

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@Ipstenu doooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!1!

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If I had windows to get cleaned up in the US, I would call

7:01pm May 30 2011 —

weee o/ RT @johnturner: just finished reading Professional WordPress Plugin Development. Kudos for writing such and excellent book!

4:41pm May 30 2011 —

@WinObs nice! Out of curiosity, how many clicks do your, say, top 10 most popular links have?

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@gkurl bleh. Thanks for the heads up. Some shared account files compromised, all cleaned up.

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@Tommy no, you have to search through source files to find hooks (or propose new ones if something is missing)

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@sethgoldstein & there’s no “all of a sudden”. YOURLS config or server config has changed.

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@mattonomics héhé ;Þ

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Review: YOURLS vs Bitly (I’ll say “YOURLS FTW!!” of course)

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