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@Snemyllas I don’t run this site, it’s @Basem_A

in reply to Snemyllas — 2:31pm Aug 31 2013 —… A Github for writers. Would have *loved* a tool like this when writing with Brad & Justin

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RT @michalbe: “This article is about the actor. For the #JavaScript library, see #jQuery.”

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@alexjakass way to roll! I’m adding this to

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@alexjakass added a couple comments on the gist

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@alexkingorg bah, you’ve bought the album, you’re entitled to a few mp3 by peer to peer now ;)

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@guillaumefrouin Ca c’est de l’info.

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@boone why? there’s no wine shop around? :)

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@LnkSi that must depend on the host itself, because it seems to work for me:

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@zigorzag @williamsba guideline is “no amount is too small and every donation warms the heart… but, please, dude.”

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@williamsba I’ve had worse: $0.01… Yes apparently you can donate that “much” :)…

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@LnkSi so cool an idea that it’s actually implemented in next version :) You can already try it if you use the current ‘master’ from Github

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Win $5000 on JotForm’s developer competition. Ends 09/24/13 *ad

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@ollysharp year, poor thing :)

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Microsoft shares: +9% after Steve Ballmer announced he’ll retire within a year. That’s got to hurt a bit, right? :)…

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@s0ixante You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

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@westi wow I remember him from the WP crowd like 10 years ago :) @ringmaster

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@markjaquith in case you missed it, lengthy article after a 2 week Soylent trial, with figures and facts:…

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@markjaquith idea is very cool (even if not new) but all I’ve read on the topic raised concern that creator knows nothing about nutrition

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UX experiment: a few seconds to wait, with no feedback, with a spinner, with a progress bar. One seems shorter.…

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