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@alexalouit … pour que d’autres lecteurs du site, non francophones, puissent Ă©ventuellement rĂ©pondre. Ca me parait bien.

in reply to alexalouit — 12:44pm Oct 27 2011 —

The ajax activity throbber on our new corporate intranet is spinning counter clock wise. I find this highly disturbing.

2:08pm Oct 26 2011 —

Can’t… tweet… Number of followers == number of tweets, and I don’t want to break that perfect balance :-)

12:08pm Oct 24 2011 —

Main dev box (aka “MY Computer, kids & wife please step back”) died today (BSOD on start). Utterly pissed.

3:36pm Oct 22 2011 —

@josemv epic. My kids and I have just started playing guitar a couple weeks ago. I’ll have to show them this vid :)

in reply to josemv — 7:04pm Oct 20 2011 —

@josemv no way :-) Ozzy for the attitude, but definitely Dio for the actual singing! cc @boone

in reply to josemv — 4:00pm Oct 20 2011 —

@boone Next on the agenda: I suggest debating about Ozzy vs Dio as Sabbath’s vocalist.

in reply to boone — 3:41pm Oct 20 2011 —

Today’s JS snippet on wp-hackers: document.write(“<?php get_template_part(‘navpad’); ?>”); Rrrright. #client-server-client-side

12:04pm Oct 20 2011 —

RT @Zengy: Props to @williamsba @ozh @justintadlock Just set up a self hosted plugin repo. Best #wordpress book! cc …

7:35pm Oct 14 2011 —

Just found out about @ifttt and wow, I love the idea & execution

6:21am Oct 13 2011 —

@gbl08ma doesn’t matter: you still get all analytics and control. The links are just wrappers, your short links remain used

in reply to gbl08ma — 3:57pm Oct 12 2011 —

RT @joetek: I’ve been using @ozh‘s YoURLs software to run my custom shortener for about 6 months now. Love it!

3:54pm Oct 12 2011 —

@petemall I thought I had this covered… I’ll fix that

in reply to petemall — 2:32pm Oct 12 2011 —

@JohnPBloch @EricMann I’ve been pondering for some time now the idea of completely removing everything related to Twitter from my plugin…

in reply to JohnPBloch — 2:19pm Oct 12 2011 —

@EricMann not sure why a GA plugin would need a Twitter oAuth lib.. will check when I have time

in reply to EricMann — 2:13pm Oct 12 2011 —

@EricMann in what plugin?

in reply to EricMann — 5:57am Oct 12 2011 —

@norcross Correct. But sitting on a chair 10 hours a day != being idle the rest of the day. Standing up still != exercising.

in reply to norcross — 9:45pm Oct 11 2011 —

@norcross blood flow can’t function normally in legs if you stand up still, for instance. Blood flow needs either horizontal or movement

in reply to norcross — 6:54pm Oct 11 2011 —

@chriscoyier a standing desk seems like the worst idea ever to me, from a physiological pov. Human body just no designed to stand up still.

in reply to chriscoyier — 6:44pm Oct 11 2011 —

That “pick a SciFi book” flowchart is damn awesome Sadly, I’ve read most of them already :(

8:49pm Oct 10 2011 —