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@EricMann offer $50 then! :)

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@EricMann don’t think so. I got for $500, and that’s a 3 letter .org domain. Try with a cheap offer, it may work :)

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@EricMann is for sale! :)

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@DarrenMooney “crashes” means nothing to me regarding a WP plugin. There are stuff that don’t work for some, check

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I have lots of non geek colleagues: one asked if on the WP shirt I’m wearing today it was the VolksWagen logo. Another: Waterman.

12:36pm Sep 30 2011 —

Firefox addon collections is a cool idea. There should be something similar on

12:16pm Sep 30 2011 — now surpasses 3000 subscribers. Join in if you’re into WP news!

7:22pm Sep 29 2011 —

@PressCrew btw, link to “Learn more about Infinity” on front page is broken

6:53pm Sep 29 2011 —

@PressCrew Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man. I mean, you’re looking for people like me for Infinity :)

6:52pm Sep 29 2011 —

(I know there’s a download link in the header, but it’s not obvious. Usability megafail)

12:04pm Sep 28 2011 — is the dumbest page ever: download link at bottom, but an infinite scrolling effect prevents you from clicking.

12:03pm Sep 28 2011 —

about:config & browser.urlbar.trimURLs :-/ RT @josephscott: ★ Firefox Desperate To Mimic Chrome, Even Their Mistakes

7:54pm Sep 27 2011 —

There was today a conference for managers on psychosocial risks. My Suicidal Tendencies tshirt has had great success.

7:20pm Sep 27 2011 —

@glennansley true

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@glennansley anything that contains “premium” can’t be considered shady IMO. That word has been beaten to death to a point it’s meaningless

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Angry Venn Diagram

7:40pm Sep 25 2011 —

RT @rzen: And now to curl up with a good book. Many thanks to @williamsba @justintadlock and @ozh for writing this.

8:12am Sep 25 2011 —

Wow, Songsterr is wickedly cool. Guitar tabs played live. Example:

4:01pm Sep 24 2011 —

New in upcoming 3.3: wp_enqueue_script() now works mid-page. Huge yeah for this!

1:55pm Sep 23 2011 —

@Christophe_Co (et en plus, elle se met à tweeter des liens sur tes vieux articles!)

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