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@joetek light speed is just a fad, honestly.

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@Azizur huge corporation with fucked up priorities and management. Ever read Dilbert? I work in that company.

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@jan_dembowski you’re a life saver! well, I mean, no, quite the opposite, but thanks! :)

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Office computer just got upgraded. Yesterday: Win2000, MSIE6. Today: Vista, MSIE7. I’m still hesitating between seppuku and mass murder.

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@janeforshort create another admin user for me, so I can always troubleshoot later :Þ

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@syedbalkhi yeah, definitely a bit surprised. I thought it was only black hat SEO that no one would admit doing…

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Currently participating in a thread on a SEO blog about comment spamming. 95% of SEO pros commenting there approve this technique. #pathetic

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@trepmal shared hosting, uncached: 30 queries. Other scenario: depends. I’d say.

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On YOURLS Blog: How to use Twitterfeed with your custom YOURLS URL shortener

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@westi do you know if the SVN’ed contract stuff that generates pdf available somewhere?

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@iandstewart damn, such a great name, too bad… “Weeeeeeee Ian o/”

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Ozh, the font: Yep. Admit, you’re jealous.

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@joetek gotta love the “Pirating films funds terrorism and organized crime” bit.

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@Mar1e “Must have “real” connection with Ireland or have a European Union trademark”. Au pire trouver un gentil irlandais qui dépose…

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@Mar1e he ben, pour le blog, et pour l’install de YOURLS! (domaine libre)

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Few songs give me goose bumps and wet eyes like Ronnie James Dio’s Heaven & Hell. What a vocalist, seriously.

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@Viper007Bond if Microsoft really implements that BSOD in Windows 8, I’ll be seriously surprised :) (what, no clippy or animated dog??)

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For Christmas, I want a time machine and a ticket for that concert from 2006:…

5:18pm Sep 19 2011 —

Unofficial build of Gmail Manager extension for FF, that actually *works*

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