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@billdacat not sure what you mean, I can test sanitizing with slash and get correct results:

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@billdacat I think there might be something wrong in your code then, you most likely need to filter keywords too

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@billdacat can’t use filter ‘table_edit_row’?

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@JohnMazzarella awesome :)

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@m3themes no, the only thing keeping you from getting an iphone is that android is better, free, cheaper, free, and free

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@m3themes no other stuff can manage ipods, and no other mp3 player have ipod disk size :(

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Second time I have to use iTunes this week. Worst week ever.

6:41pm Feb 26 2014 —

@johnpbloch there goes your $16Bn startup idea :(

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@johnpbloch except it’s been registered already :)

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Awesome: How to kill processes with style in Bash, rage-quit style

1:05pm Feb 26 2014 —

I really like how XKCD regularly wins the internet with simple tools and technologies

8:00am Feb 26 2014 —

A githubber is using Github as his “contact me” form. Neat.

9:45pm Feb 25 2014 —

@boone them rocks!

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@djcrumbz RTFM <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

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@boone you may tip them to update to the latest YOURLS 1.7 maybe then :)

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@JohnMazzarella could also float the idea of using into existing sites, like auto create & display short URL on all & new wiki or site pages

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@JohnMazzarella and the overall flexibility (custom “missing URL” as you made, custom anything really)

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@JohnMazzarella thanks for sharing! Typo on slide 21 (“purchesed”) A feature to highlight sure is plugins (main diff with bitly for example)

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@boone awesome, didn’t know that. Thanks :) cc @JohnMazzarella

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Is anyone aware of a large school or uni using YOURLS?

6:25pm Feb 25 2014 —