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@ipstenu wow such popular very photogenic on DreamHost’s new front page :)

3:26pm Aug 30 2014 —

Just found out there a .fail TLD. I guess they created a TLD just for sites showing funny videos of stupid people hurting themselves.

3:24pm Aug 30 2014 —

Current mood: unit tests running fine locally but failing on Travis arrrrgggghhhhhhhkillmeffs

10:09am Aug 29 2014 —

@dimensionmedia It’s not that it’s a WP event not being a WordCamp. It’s an event that was to be one, but has to opt out because of “rules”

in reply to dimensionmedia — 5:35am Aug 28 2014 —

@williamsba I truly pity the people dictating these bullshit rules.

in reply to williamsba — 9:12pm Aug 27 2014 —

I think @BoredElonMusk might be the coolest parody account ever. Witty, funny, smart.

7:09pm Aug 27 2014 —

The people from @Redbubble “support” are the most unhelpful people I’ve ever dealt with. Automated reply? Check. Details from human? Never.

7:32pm Aug 25 2014 —

RT @apachefriends: In case you missed: New #XAMPP for Win, Linux and OS X with latest Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin. Check it out! https:/…

7:14pm Aug 25 2014 —

@Ramoonus I’m just waiting for my kids to accidentally break the iPad into pieces so I have an excuse to get an Android tablet to replace it

in reply to Ramoonus — 11:33am Aug 24 2014 —

@Ramoonus @stephenjmorgan yes, “just” need to convert to mp4. How convenient. The whole iPad experience is “how convenient” to me.

in reply to Ramoonus — 11:26am Aug 24 2014 —

I just found out I cannot “upload” an AVI movie to my wife’s iPad. Reason #77 to hate that piece of shit of hardware + software.

11:18am Aug 24 2014 —

@nacin @tellyworth nice touch, cool idea!

in reply to nacin — 7:45pm Aug 21 2014 —

@yoast I approve this message :)

in reply to yoast — 2:50pm Aug 21 2014 —

@Christophe_Co et la version minimaliste en Lego, tu connaissais?

in reply to Christophe_Co — 3:01pm Aug 18 2014 —

@srescio indeed. Please open an issue asking for this so I don’t forget to update when I have time…

in reply to srescio — 3:10pm Aug 16 2014 —

@williamsba now that’s huge news :)

in reply to williamsba — 3:25pm Aug 14 2014 —

@hellfestopenair ACDC! Rammstein! Van Canto! Le week-end *avant* la fête de la musique pour éviter un cruel dilemme à tous les musicos! :)

in reply to hellfestopenair — 10:50am Aug 14 2014 —

Best domain name ever for a URL shortener is back online — powered by YOURLS!

6:54pm Aug 13 2014 —

“Hey, pass me a beer” –…

1:32pm Aug 13 2014 —

@LeoColomb ‘fectivement. http down, https up, mais problème MySQL en plus. J’ai ouvert un ticket.

in reply to LeoColomb — 1:31pm Aug 13 2014 —