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Google Chat definitely misses a “I’m invisible except to this particular group of people” option

5:59pm Aug 31 2010 —

4:55pm Aug 31 2010 — is a new WP job board, with a reputation score. Still on the works it seems (a few pages like “Pricing” go 404)

4:04pm Aug 31 2010 —

@zamoose maybe wp-endlessdebates could gather all these subjects, but that would look half serious only :)

in reply to zamoose — 4:01pm Aug 31 2010 —

@andrea_r I wish some other folks would find it brilliant too :Þ (soooo fed up with license debates…)

in reply to andrea_r — 3:52pm Aug 31 2010 —

@anthonycole I prefer listing them all at the end of the plugin file. I find that seeing all hooks grouped helps grasp the flow of events

in reply to anthonycole — 3:22pm Aug 31 2010 —

Oh noes… Another OMGLICENSE!!1 discussion on wp-hackers… Seriously, wp-license is a much needed mailing list.

1:01pm Aug 31 2010 —

@AbVegan Don’t know if that’s really needed. You can propose it:

in reply to AbVegan — 6:55am Aug 31 2010 —

Hilarious once again RT @27bslash6: “According to my supervisor, there are no such things as portals.”

6:54am Aug 31 2010 —

+1 RT @glennansley: Guide missiles… oh wait. RT @nacin: What should be in @WordPress 3.1?

10:06pm Aug 30 2010 —

I never really noticed how P2 is completely awesome for real time discussion (see right now and let the page refresh)

9:47pm Aug 30 2010 —

Not sure if I already mentioned it, but one of the most awesomely awesomest song of this universe is World Painted Blood.

9:20pm Aug 30 2010 —

Pretty curious about @williamsba “big big BIG announcement”! Can’t wait :)

9:14pm Aug 30 2010 —

Scissors beat Paper (via the almighty Reddit)

6:52pm Aug 30 2010 —

@ryanimel yeah I remember doing crap stuff like this with paypal. Cumbersome but when that’s about giving you money, I can understand

in reply to ryanimel — 9:32pm Aug 29 2010 —

Registration with SimpleCDN: 2 captchas, 5 password fields, 1 activation email. I tried but cannot thing of something more cumbersome.

8:52pm Aug 29 2010 —

@florianoverkamp cannot load your URL:

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Fun stuff: add (sp?) after a word and @_spell will spell check & correct you (cc @wordnik)

7:41pm Aug 29 2010 —

On planetOzh: Best Of #DeveloperMovies

6:49pm Aug 29 2010 —

Something I missed while I was offline at the beach: WordPress will drop PHP4 mid 2011′ish

10:58pm Aug 28 2010 —