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@BinaryMoon yep, really slow. Plus if Twitter is down, it’s worse. Definitely not something I’ll install :P

in reply to BinaryMoon — 8:19pm Apr 30 2010 —

Nice cloud! RT @nacin: New blog post — Visualizing the #WordPress 3.0 contributors: (170 of them!)

6:37pm Apr 30 2010 —

@nacin have it displayed large somewhere during the WordCamp :)

in reply to nacin — 5:03pm Apr 30 2010 —

@Catwoman69y2k not if I can avoid :)

in reply to Catwoman69y2k — 9:47pm Apr 29 2010 —

Threw a few JS & CSS to make a somehow fun portfolio:

9:16pm Apr 29 2010 —

Must read tutorial of the month: @justintadlock’s Ultimate Guide To Custom Post Types

4:27pm Apr 29 2010 —

@wptavern sure. FTW (it actually exists, go figure)

in reply to wptavern — 8:50pm Apr 28 2010 —

WTF, I can’t commit to the WP plugin repo, it says “Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to CHECKOUT”

7:59pm Apr 28 2010 —

@gilesshaxted dude… you deleted or moved needed files (/yourls-go.php not found??). Just install, dont mess, and

in reply to gilesshaxted — 4:51pm Apr 28 2010 —

@gilesshaxted a sample public interface is provided in the package……

in reply to gilesshaxted — 4:43pm Apr 28 2010 —

@BoltClock heh, true :)

in reply to BoltClock — 2:22pm Apr 28 2010 —

And the worst headline of the day is: “30 Insanely Awesome Websites using WordPress as a CMS”. Too many + hard selling adverbs + WP as a CMS

2:13pm Apr 28 2010 —

New WP theme template file: front-page.php, with priority over other templates. See (via @wpdevel & @kimparsell)

in reply to kimparsell — 12:57pm Apr 28 2010 —

This theme (for Tumblr) is totally awesome

10:20pm Apr 27 2010 —

@BrandonKernell no, actually I was even thinking about completely dropping other shorteners but YOURLS…

in reply to BrandonKernell — 7:06pm Apr 27 2010 —

Quite surprised by the retail price of Avatar on DVD: 15€. Was expecting more pricey.

11:39am Apr 27 2010 —

Very professional looking implementation of YOURLS: Nice job!

6:34am Apr 27 2010 —

@BrandonKernell heh, no I didnt, but that could be a plugin idea :)

in reply to BrandonKernell — 9:32pm Apr 26 2010 —

@lucianop actually they’re copying comments within the same discussion thread but that may evolve quick

in reply to lucianop — 9:32pm Apr 26 2010 —

New spam trend on one of my blogs: they duplicate legit comments but change commenter name & URL (easy to filter out with a plugin though)

5:03pm Apr 26 2010 —