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Check if a theme is smart or crap: RT @sivel Detect wp_head and wp_footer from a Plugin #wordpress

9:14pm Apr 25 2010 —

@sivel pretty neat stuff to check for ‘wp_footer’ action though. You should promote it on your blog, that’d be a handy tool for coders

in reply to sivel — 5:12pm Apr 25 2010 —

So long @delicious, your ineptitude or lack of will to fight *obvious* spam in delicious/popular has crossed the line. RIP.

9:00am Apr 24 2010 —

@nacin then when 3.0 is out make up a nice cloud like or, it’s pretty :)

in reply to nacin — 10:24pm Apr 23 2010 —

@nathanrice what about the financial aspects of it? Any detail to share? Just curious

in reply to nathanrice — 7:59pm Apr 23 2010 —

Completed YOURLS 1.5 plugin API documentation and an actual plugin example

6:53pm Apr 23 2010 —

@gadgetwisdom is a proper place (now that YOURLS has a plugin API, do mention you’re talking about WP)

in reply to gadgetwisdom — 5:20pm Apr 23 2010 —

@redwall_hp go for it. Banner ads are unobtrusive (sidebar), pretty (often colorful) and totally standard (you expect them on any site)

in reply to redwall_hp — 5:19pm Apr 23 2010 —

YOURLS 1.5 plugin API almost documented Now I’ll create a few fun & useful plugin examples :-)

4:45pm Apr 23 2010 —

@Spheerys nope. The site is pretty much on autopilot now :-)

in reply to Spheerys — 2:55pm Apr 23 2010 —

@DeanPerry no no, still beta. Beta2 next monday.

in reply to DeanPerry — 10:26pm Apr 22 2010 —

Funny how everybody seems to be thrilled about the new menu feature in WP3… I admit I’m totally uninterested :)

10:14pm Apr 22 2010 —

Aaaaand… @AlliStuff is follower #1337 :) Contact me at for delivery details!

in reply to AlliStuff — 5:30pm Apr 22 2010 —

w00t! Got 1336 followers. My 1337th follower will win a pure pwnage glow in the dark 1337 tshirt! :-)

5:14pm Apr 22 2010 —

@wptavern not “WP news”, more “WP community news” (for instance I consider @planetwp “WP news”)

in reply to wptavern — 4:55pm Apr 22 2010 —

Finally a useful QR Code: don’t miss @ottodestruct’s Buy Me A Beer QR Code :-)

8:17am Apr 22 2010 —

@juaron I guess :)

in reply to jaronbarends — 10:55am Apr 21 2010 —

@quakelive thanks, another night I cannot play because of your schedule always targeting Europe’s 10-12pm.

in reply to quakelive — 10:10pm Apr 20 2010 —

Currently discovering Cavalera Conspiracy (former Sepultura brothers) and it’s a riot m/

9:27pm Apr 20 2010 —

@stickymarketing what would that be? and file a request there

in reply to stickymarketing — 6:42am Apr 20 2010 —