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@STONEWebBiz there’s my paypal address (2nd message), or do you need something else?

in reply to STONEWebBiz — 9:09pm Apr 19 2010 —

@STONEWebBiz yes you can donate to YOURLS:

3:38pm Apr 19 2010 —

@ptahdunbar that’s a typical What Not To Do plugin page IMHO: benefits unclear, lots of scary stuff and warnings… No wonder it’s not tried

in reply to ptahdunbar — 2:56pm Apr 19 2010 —

@nacin you’re in!

in reply to nacin — 6:55am Apr 19 2010 —

6:44am Apr 19 2010 —

LOL RT @williamsba: Android vs. iPhone: #sad #fact

6:40am Apr 19 2010 —

@wpmuguru thanks, will check!

in reply to wpmuguru — 4:54pm Apr 18 2010 —

@Viper007Bond @sivel where’s the code for this bot?

in reply to Viper007Bond — 1:36pm Apr 18 2010 —

So You Need A Typeface flowchart: This is seriously awesome

11:09am Apr 18 2010 —

@infobeautiful know a european site that accepts paypal where I could buy your book?

in reply to infobeautiful — 8:25pm Apr 17 2010 —

@paulogier not yet, will publish something in the following days

in reply to paulogier — 3:52pm Apr 17 2010 —

@hootsuite for the last few days my “Keyword” columns has been stalled “refreshing”. All others fine. Any clue?

10:02am Apr 16 2010 —

@rudolfpietersma will publish a sample plugin later and a few docs

in reply to rudolfpietersma — 7:47pm Apr 15 2010 —

Just implemented a plugin API in YOURLS. Now you can have all the random shorturl, toolbar or spam control you’ve always dreamed of

3:57pm Apr 15 2010 —

@dougal I’m a fanboy of this post! :)

in reply to dougal — 3:10pm Apr 15 2010 —

The 2 summits of my coding life: 1) discovering the power &beauty of Perl regexps 2) understanding the WP plugin API

8:57am Apr 15 2010 —

@DougGJoseph no but this plugin by @Viper007Bond is cool, go get it

in reply to DougGJoseph — 7:05am Apr 15 2010 —

@sudarmuthu I wish you good luck and success in your new life! :)

in reply to sudarmuthu — 6:56am Apr 15 2010 —

@nathanrice looks like a very great idea!

in reply to nathanrice — 6:11pm Apr 14 2010 —

Just got a deluge of spam advertising… a WordPress anti-spam plugin Yeah right. Tip: add this URL to your blacklist

12:58pm Apr 14 2010 —