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wow, that is a *killer* feature: post by phone on

9:11pm Jul 1 2010 —

@acroplex most French employers grant 5 weeks, yes, but you can save one for winter holidays for example :)

in reply to acroplex — 6:33pm Jul 1 2010 —

As of right now I’m pulling my trousers down and will wear no socks and only shorts for one whole month WOOHOOOOO HOLIDAYS !!!1!1!!1!!one!!

6:28pm Jul 1 2010 —

@idowens It’s in next version

in reply to idowens — 6:19pm Jul 1 2010 —

@Christophe_Co c’est pas un peu démago de dire que c’est démago de ne pas critiquer le piratage? :) (si si, relis, ça veut dire qqchose)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 12:03pm Jul 1 2010 —