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Just left my first comment ever on a blog that uses 3rd party comment system Livefyre. Will never do again.

7:00pm Jun 29 2011 —

@Crysislevel Saw your comment on wpbeginner, #plugindevbook *is* available as an ebook! Check

6:58pm Jun 29 2011 —

@rockingjude again: uninstall (ie uninstall via WP or delete via WP or delete via FTP) and reinstall

in reply to rockingjude — 8:54pm Jun 28 2011 —

@rockingjude that file cant be used for malicious stuff (it’s only registering filters). If blog compromised, the entrance is somewhere else

in reply to rockingjude — 2:24pm Jun 28 2011 —

@rockingjude if you think the plugin was edited, reinstall it from the repo. Most likely though, it’s something else that’s acting weird

in reply to rockingjude — 1:52pm Jun 28 2011 —

Saw Iron Maiden live in Paris yesterday. Awesome show and now I have no fear of the dark m/

1:13pm Jun 28 2011 —

@samuelaguilera I’m on it. Will release when 3.2 is out

in reply to samuelaguilera — 11:59pm Jun 25 2011 —

@fuchur777 eh, like most of those who replied to me, you didn’t understand my tweet. Plain text coordinates. Eg

in reply to Fuchur777 — 11:41am Jun 25 2011 —

o/ RT @DrewAPicture: by @justintadlock @williamsba & @ozh is the single greatest book I own

7:37am Jun 25 2011 —

@mbeach3 I know, or “4.36,118.52″, but that’s not what I was talking about

in reply to mbeach3 — 5:32pm Jun 24 2011 —

@joetek well, nothing much actually, seldom geek & interesting tweets. I always forget I follow you, but I’m always glad I am :)

in reply to joetek — 5:31pm Jun 24 2011 —

@Jaxkr_ what would “Tumblr support” consist in? Check issues and

in reply to Jaxkr_ — 4:26pm Jun 24 2011 —

Time for my annual #FF. This year, it’s @joetek. After much pondering and trying, I cannot explain why in less than 140 chars :)

4:25pm Jun 24 2011 —

@px @Jaxkr_ @jeherve I was referring to something like (ie the plain text you can find on a hotel page, for instance)

in reply to px — 2:38pm Jun 24 2011 —

@RSprachrohr More date in France please! Plllleaaase! :)

in reply to RSprachrohr — 1:08pm Jun 24 2011 —

Disappointed. You cannot search for plain text GPS coordinates (eg “Latitude 04˚36′ , Longitude 118˚52′”) in Google Maps.

12:59pm Jun 24 2011 —

@yahelc okay, nobody except @BoltClock it seems :)

in reply to yahelc — 11:24pm Jun 23 2011 —

@yahelc of course, except no one is going to code a bot to break a captcha on ONE site :)

in reply to yahelc — 11:21pm Jun 23 2011 —

Geek captcha is geek:

11:18pm Jun 23 2011 —

@PTGL it’s trivial. There’s a sample file for CURL requests provided in the package.

in reply to PTGL — 11:13pm Jun 23 2011 —