Probabilistic WordPress Tickets

#10701 Gallery re-order not working in Internet explorer 7/8 (enhancement)
#19276 Pages listed under Most Recent and Search tabs of Page meta box in Appearance -> Menus -> Add a Custom Link: Please add onkeypress Enter event (defect (bug))
#8951 get_blog_permalink() can cache either an HTTP or HTTPS link for the current logged in user (enhancement)
#14511 get_terms of posts in feeds is broken (feature request)
#13404 visitor redirected to 404 after logging in / out (task (blessed))


This fun little script generates probabilistic WordPress ticket titles (aka bug report)

I built a list of all the ticket titles, and a Markov chain script generates probable titles, using this amazing little python script.

More probabilistic fun: check also Make WordPress Core: agenda for the 80 next years