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@wplift FYI in case you don’t know: (tried twice to post a comment about it, didn’t work, no feedback or error)

5:00pm May 23 2013 —

GeoGuessr cheat sheet, sort of :)

9:00pm May 22 2013 —

The Facebook plugin for WordPress is a miserable piece of non working code and hardcoded junk.

7:33pm May 22 2013 —

@electricbeans hi, for a no-fame indie rock garage band of friends named “electric beans”, would you be interested in selling your account?

3:06pm May 22 2013 —

@Christophe_Co tiens, si d’aventures tu t’├ęgarais sur Fessebouc, regarde les photos ici, c’est amusant

11:20am May 22 2013 —

Codeworthy news: popular ezSQL PHP class now supports mysqli

6:30am May 22 2013 —

@spruceit got several replies that including pagination in query is bad practice

in reply to spruceit — 5:07am May 22 2013 —

I thought I was smart and funny with but then smarter came in:

8:10pm May 21 2013 —

@kovshenin you should try g… oh, OK. :)

in reply to kovshenin — 8:05pm May 21 2013 —

Handy: helps you make new WP_Query()

4:50pm May 20 2013 —

@PlanteenHost there was a security camp and someone talked about YOURLS? Nice :)

in reply to PlanteenHost — 8:29am May 20 2013 —

@PlanteenHost I don’t “recommend using it”. I say it’s the best solution for people who feel they have to “protect” their admin folder.

in reply to PlanteenHost — 8:25pm May 19 2013 —

@yoast why? Tumblr porn sites afraid of Yahoo’s stance on NSFW nekkid chick pics? :)

7:47pm May 19 2013 —

@ArtemR less genius probably is that fucking stupid modal form you can’t dismiss unless you enter an email? :)

in reply to ArtemR — 5:33pm May 19 2013 —

@Megadeth love you guys but the tweetspam has been way too much for the last 2 days. Yes, can’t wait for the album too, but unfollowing you.

5:09pm May 19 2013 —

Quick handy: How to add custom resolutions in Firefox Responsive Mode

3:07pm May 19 2013 —

@michcioperz in case you’re interested:

in reply to michcioperz — 10:14am May 19 2013 —

Stupid simple iframe trick & very handy:… tests websites in any resolution, including *bigger than your screen*.

8:27am May 19 2013 —

in reply to Johnnie2u — 3:16pm May 18 2013 —

I just got my official @Mozilla t-shirt — donate here and get yours, too!

9:54pm May 17 2013 —