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RT @williamsba: We’re giving away 3 FREE copies of #plugindevbook to our FB fans later today! Just like us to enter!

5:28pm Mar 7 2011 —

Reminder for late crowd: fan us at and win a free copy. More info: #plugindevbook

10:50pm Mar 3 2011 —

RT @wrox: Wrox direct price on the ebook is $29.24 with “FROST” 35% off discount code #plugindevbook

6:31pm Mar 3 2011 —

Review of #plugindevbook by @ronalfy: I can tell you nothing warms the heart more than a review like this :)

5:50pm Mar 3 2011 —

Fan us at and win a free copy. More info: #plugindevbook

5:44pm Mar 3 2011 —

FYI: #plugindevbook should start shipping March 7th from the warehouse, give it a week or so to show up at

2:41pm Mar 1 2011 —

Profit! RT @denzelchia Just bought #plugindevbook by @justintadlock @williamsba & @ozh, this could be my ticket to being #1 on WP Questions!

9:44am Mar 1 2011 —

So, #plugindevbook is available in PDF. Want to know more? Overview, details and TOC

4:40pm Feb 25 2011 —

Reading 3 years old code from myself. Makes me want to go back in time and slap me in the face with a 468 pages #plugindevbook PDF.

10:09am Feb 11 2011 —

@itsananderson I asked @nacin when writing #plugindevbook and he replied they *might* be internally used at some point, but are buggy.

in reply to itsananderson — 3:23pm Jan 28 2011 —

this. RT @williamsba Professional WordPress Plugin Development Available for Presale on Amazon! #plugindevbook

4:51pm Jan 18 2011 —

9:19pm Dec 21 2010 —

Hey, how does that look? #plugindevbook

9:32pm Dec 10 2010 —

Day home to work on #plugindevbook edits. The next solicitor who’ll ring my door gets a headshot.

1:12pm Dec 3 2010 —

I must say, reading your name as an author on Amazon is quite the dope #plugindevbook

7:41pm Nov 4 2010 —

About to write the “To my wife/mother/whatever” line on the front page of #plugindevbook . Now accepting bribes if you want your name there!

10:13pm Nov 1 2010 —

Tonight we’ll be submitting our final chapters for #plugindevbook. Then wait for the Technical Editors’ feedback. Exciting times!

10:22am Nov 1 2010 —

Not to brag or anything, but I think my chapter about the Rewrite API in #plugindevbook will be killer. Ok, bragging a bit :)

6:41pm Oct 29 2010 —

Trying to have everything I want to write about the Rewrite API fit the scheduled number of pages for #plugindevbook

2:17pm Oct 29 2010 —

Please everybody stop mentioning @williamsba so he can focus on #plugindevbook

5:40pm Oct 25 2010 —