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And that’ll be a #plugindevbook Saturday. Got a few hours before I’m distracted by the tweets from the US crowd I’m following :)

9:10am Oct 24 2010 —

On planetOzh: What It Takes To Write A Chapter For #plugindevbook (Infographics)

3:01pm Oct 18 2010 —

Another chapter finished for #plugindevbook. Probably my easiest one, and yet I’ve spent an inversely proportional amount of time. Damnit.

9:05pm Oct 17 2010 —

Playing with to draw an Ajax flowchart for #plugindevbook. Not too ugly

10:30am Oct 16 2010 —

Mission accomplished: #blamenacin reference added to #plugindevbook (in a pretty awesome meta & self referential way, to be honest :)

1:29pm Oct 15 2010 —

Still trying to figure out how to insert a #blamenacin reference into #plugindevbook

12:20pm Oct 15 2010 —

In every #plugindevbook page I write, there are tips I could use to update & improve my own plugins. Oh well… #doasisaynotasido

8:19pm Oct 12 2010 —

The drawbacks when working with a serious editor is you can’t add a picture of a cleansing product in a chapter about Ajax :/ #plugindevbook

3:36pm Oct 10 2010 —

in reply to williamsba — 7:35pm Oct 8 2010 —

My current #plugindevbook chapter needs to be 35 pages. This chapter will have 4 sections. Still writing section 1 and already 20 pages :(

4:07pm Oct 8 2010 —

As of now, #plugindevbook is 70% written. Which probably means that there’s 85% of the job still do be done :)

9:38pm Oct 1 2010 —

On planetOzh: How #plugindevbook Improves My WordPress Skillz (Infographics)

5:44pm Oct 1 2010 —

Working on #plugindevbook while listening to my own loved tracks lastfm station = too much head banging

4:41pm Sep 30 2010 —

@codepo8 I’m adopting this one for #plugindevbook, thanks for the suggestion. Now we need tips for the chapter intro as well :)

in reply to codepo8 — 4:34pm Sep 30 2010 —

Working on #plugindevbook in my Mom’s office. This place is *freezing*. This book will kill me.

3:26pm Sep 29 2010 —

The JavaScript & Ajax chapter in #plugindevbook will advocate crazy stuff: “it’s OK to insert your JS anywhere. <head>, footer, anywhere.”

3:55pm Sep 24 2010 —

Today is a #plugindevbook day

7:15am Sep 24 2010 —

@webord I’ll leave that to the publisher & Amazon :) #plugindevbook

in reply to webord — 6:35pm Sep 19 2010 —

Finished my current chapter for the 4th time. Should be neat now :) #plugindevbook

6:26pm Sep 19 2010 —

@fellene @justintadlock *is* a custom post type. Tutorial: Upcoming: a book #plugindevbook #wcpdx

in reply to fellene — 4:54pm Sep 18 2010 —