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@LeoColomb wah, j’ai eu du mal à décrypter “l’intelligence humaine” :)

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@mathewi see… for a batch import script, this may help

in reply to mathewi — 4:26pm Feb 5 2015 —

@verge no wonder it’s World Nadella Day today

in reply to verge — 3:20pm Feb 5 2015 —

@williamsba fyi, your link on the WCLDN speaker page leads to a site renewal page

2:49pm Feb 5 2015 —

@TechVoltz That’s OK. Something about wrapping git with a goat sounds worth it.

in reply to TechVoltz — 11:38pm Feb 4 2015 —

@dimensionmedia @nacin @dd32 Riiight? And still Firebug doesn’t show any Ajax error. Going to file a new ticket on meta trac

in reply to dimensionmedia — 11:34pm Feb 4 2015 —

Currently setting up a new site and I’m activating a gazillion Jetpack modules. Jetpack’s @richardmtl made me do it, I swear.

9:52pm Feb 4 2015 —

@Rarst I’ve heard it’ll be something about GPL !

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Trying for the first time. One word: wowmygodcrazyusefulshit.

4:12pm Feb 4 2015 —

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@rmccue probably sending this to a gazillion random numbers and you were one of them…

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@rmccue I’m sure he has a hefty sum of money he needs to transfer out of his country and if you could help him, he’d give you thousands.

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Hacking a new website, I got the CSS rule “position:<insert random value till it works>” working on first try! Woohoo lucky day.

9:12pm Feb 3 2015 —

@cmogle neat! Next step: use your own URL shortener (see on a branded domain :-) Hey, is available :)

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@markjaquith was rather funny. Reminded me of my early student years when I had hard time finding the right amount of coffee to ingest :)

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This one has to go in your next WordCamp talk about design/colors

9:21pm Feb 1 2015 —

@StefanVetter yeah that’s a shame @buffer doesn’t support YOURLS despite all the requests for it

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@PeakVC one running YOURLS, one running Bitly, you wanted to compare both? :) @domainr @StefanVetter

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@schurb who needs women when there’s wine like this!

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