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Nettuts+ Approved WordPress dev books:

4:15pm May 24 2011 —

@itsonlybarney Update using SVN or manually edit share.js as shown here:

in reply to itsonlybarney — 9:21am May 24 2011 —

@xavisys @boone I love YOURLS too! :)

in reply to xavisys — 9:17am May 24 2011 —

The HOT news of the day is: bbPress as a plugin has finally landed on the repository (via @pollyplummer)

3:54pm May 23 2011 —

@yoast noticed your blog logo is hardcoded in your CSS as a data:image/png string (I often browse without images), why such a thing?

12:49pm May 23 2011 —

@DeanPerry I *think* it is. Now, honestly, I’d feel like a trash bag if I did this.

in reply to DeanPerry — 6:51am May 23 2011 —

@cstricklin sort of: the subscription is managed by master spammers AWeber :P

in reply to cstricklin — 6:33am May 23 2011 —

It happens once again: RT @WPaware: interesting take on the GPL license: @WooShare distributes @WooThemes for free “legally”.

6:27am May 23 2011 —

When to include functionality in a plugin or in your theme Read that on WPCandy if unsure.

6:17am May 23 2011 —

@itsonlybarney fixed that in trunk a while ago

in reply to itsonlybarney — 6:12am May 23 2011 —

Wrap up of my week-end: gigantic barbecues, gastronomic restaurant, 14 different wines. Exhausted!

6:50pm May 22 2011 —

@williamsba I dig the first slide image. Need a tshirt with that :)

in reply to williamsba — 3:53pm May 22 2011 —

o/ RT @Ramoonus: @ozh I have to program something for WP. I grab your book and within 5 minutes I have the backbone of it finished ….

1:08pm May 22 2011 —

@rzen paperback to feel the weight of knowledge! :)

in reply to rzen — 7:54am May 21 2011 —

@jarret bleh, lucky you. One of the very few bands I dig and still have to see live :)

in reply to jarret — 9:40pm May 20 2011 —

@VanCantoBand Just found out about you guys and you are THE SHIT!! Love it!!! Please contact asap organizers of !

in reply to VanCantoBand — 9:34pm May 20 2011 —

Twitter #webmusic by Rammstein ( for the love of heavy greasy metal riffs)

9:21pm May 20 2011 —

@GoldenApples AH! love that one :)

in reply to GoldenApples — 9:12pm May 20 2011 —

@GoldenApples AH! love that one :)

9:12pm May 20 2011 —

RT @GoldenApples: :nth-child(7)[type=male] :nth-child(7)[type=male] #webmusic

9:11pm May 20 2011 —