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So, Scotland… yes? no? pull the prank? chicken out?

9:12pm Sep 18 2014 —

@joetek seen this? RT: @TwitPic: We’re happy to announce we’ve been acquired and will live on! More details as we can disclose them

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@williamsba also tagging your MP3 collection!…

in reply to williamsba — 7:45pm Sep 18 2014 —

@Otto42 adding some snowflake.js to‘s DNS seems quite mandatory at this point :)

in reply to Otto42 — 7:28pm Sep 18 2014 —

@ArtemR excellent. Where did you get it?

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@LeoColomb en fait, mauvaise idée, car après on ne peut plus consulter les vieilles issues, eg…

in reply to LeoColomb — 5:52am Sep 18 2014 —

@glennvalencich short answer: bots

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@Otto42 @johnpbloch but… pie charts!

in reply to Otto42 — 5:56pm Sep 17 2014 —

@johnpbloch yep, used to. Noticed a couple days ago it went missing ಠ_ಠ @Otto42

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@Otto42 definitely the way to go.

in reply to Otto42 — 7:35pm Sep 15 2014 —

@Otto42 Sir you are *required* to do so at some point :) April 1st, or maybe May 27?

in reply to Otto42 — 7:20pm Sep 15 2014 —

@geoster YOURLS does anything, either out of the box or with a plugin. Check the wiki

in reply to geoster — 6:45pm Sep 15 2014 —

@cswordpress ah, sorry about that bad joke in that previous tweet then :)

in reply to cswordpress — 4:45pm Sep 14 2014 —

@cswordpress I think you’re missing the point here…

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I guess is some sort of an accessible “what is my IP” tool for the visually impaired…

4:39pm Sep 14 2014 —

WordPress plugin banner as a .PSD

4:17pm Sep 14 2014 —

RT @jacobbockelmann: @yourls is the most incredible link shortener. After playing w/ it I don’t understand how or why anyone could pay for …

11:13pm Sep 13 2014 —

After 3 hours of non stop listening, my 10 yo son is positive: @MANOWAR Warriors of the World is the best song ever.…

10:08am Sep 13 2014 —

@Ipstenu @Otto42 honestly I think the DreamHost panel UI is pretty good. OVH is the absolute worst I know, worse IMHO than GoDaddy.

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