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@hhindle i’ll see when I eventually get #newtwitter maybe

in reply to hhindle — 5:13pm Sep 28 2010 —

@carlhancock @kimparsell @nacin I don’t mind “On” by default tbh. I mean, I hate the visual editor and always turn it off :)

in reply to carlhancock — 9:37pm Sep 27 2010 —

@carlhancock Matt envisions a full featured front end editor in the future

in reply to carlhancock — 9:31pm Sep 27 2010 —

@tnorthcutt yeah I guess lots of people want that. That has been #1 feature request on my Admin Drop Down plugin since ever

in reply to tnorthcutt — 9:25pm Sep 27 2010 —

LOL, true :) RT @BoltClock: I like how everyone else is saying everyone else has #newtwitter except themselves.

9:21pm Sep 27 2010 —

@markwaterous yeah, saw that comment by Matt too. This utterly escapes me even more :)

in reply to markwaterous — 9:17pm Sep 27 2010 —

@BoltClock @carlhancock coming to a WP 3.1 near you

in reply to BoltClock — 9:16pm Sep 27 2010 —

I must say the whole purpose of the upcoming “Admin bar” in WP totally escapes me. I *never* visit the public part of my own blogs.

9:09pm Sep 27 2010 —

XKCDian comment appropriate here: “that’s a fucking lot as shit” RT @coffee2code: Hey, that makes my 70th #wordpress plugin release!

8:42pm Sep 27 2010 —

Just pushed a quick update to the YOURLS WP plugin thanks to His Leetness @Otto

7:54pm Sep 27 2010 —

@glennansley lol, same. I thought “hey who’s this dude, where’s the short haired Jaquith??”

in reply to glennansley — 7:43pm Sep 27 2010 —

I won’t tweet about the MSN Spaces + WordPress deal because 140 chars ain’t enough to express how wide I’m dropping my jaw

7:06pm Sep 27 2010 —

5:33pm Sep 27 2010 —

YOURLS plugin for Seesmic Desktop by @ptirouz

8:45am Sep 27 2010 —

If you’d pardon my French, today’s XKCD is fucking funny as shit

8:42am Sep 27 2010 —

@_mfields for your main blog? where are you currently?

in reply to _mfields — 8:41am Sep 27 2010 —

Gmail has been unbearably slow with me for the past few days… Anyone noticing the same?

6:38am Sep 27 2010 —

@srhngpr I don’t think you can export data from bitly

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@BoltClock VIP cannot have custom plugins?

in reply to BoltClock — 9:41pm Sep 26 2010 —

@BoltClock yeah, but since they use short URLs everywhere, would have made sense to replace entirely the short URLs I thought

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