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@FrederickDing oh my, indeed! Thanks for the notice, going to fix things

in reply to FrederickDing — 7:08pm Mar 19 2010 —

Results of my thinking about YOURLS db structure for 1.5 Comments welcome :)

4:29pm Mar 19 2010 —

Last update in the 1.4 series: YOURLS 1.4.3 fixes a few bugs, especially the “WHERE DID MY STATS GO?” one.

10:44pm Mar 18 2010 —

@Ocramius thanks, will do if I feel the need :)

in reply to Ocramius — 3:34pm Mar 18 2010 —

Doing some DB structure thinking, definitely a scary area for me. Hopefully an expert friend is helping, huh @VValdar?!

3:04pm Mar 18 2010 —

A scammer is selling $350K a domain running YOURLS :-)

7:44am Mar 18 2010 —

@briealeida thanks, that’s what I try to do indeed. Hey is available btw, would be cool for a YOURLS domain ;)

in reply to briealeida — 10:21pm Mar 17 2010 —

@joetek wow quite a shocker indeed :)

in reply to joetek — 9:26pm Mar 17 2010 —

@nathanrice pretty neat ㏌deed and damn clever too,although I wonder if some clients won’t crap the UTF8 replacements…

in reply to nathanrice — 9:20pm Mar 17 2010 —

@wptavern keep moving and in a few weeks you’ll be able to make a nice wrap up review of all the hosts ;)

in reply to wptavern — 8:52pm Mar 17 2010 —

What I’ll do tonight: think and ponder and brood about… Hmmm….

7:59pm Mar 17 2010 —

@wptavern I’m so glad I’m using Gmail :)

in reply to wptavern — 7:24pm Mar 17 2010 —

@yahelc very cool short domain name indeed :)

in reply to yahelc — 9:15am Mar 17 2010 —

@ticky_ if you happen to make an interesting use of the “pages” feature, let me know. It’s in here but never really documented it :)

in reply to ticky_ — 9:13am Mar 17 2010 —

@wptavern honestly this is total overkill (or I totally underestimate WPT traffic) Well at least if you can afford it you’ll be comfy :)

in reply to wptavern — 10:32pm Mar 16 2010 —

@wptavern price?

in reply to wptavern — 10:28pm Mar 16 2010 —

@XamuelA yeah that one is pretty unmemorable too :)

in reply to XamuelA — 7:36pm Mar 16 2010 —

@caffeinatedb yeh PHP is a bit weak regarding syntax consistency across functions

in reply to caffeinatedb — 4:14pm Mar 16 2010 —

From the I’m Such A PHP Noob Dpt: I just cannot remember the proper syntax of a “for” loop. Gotta check the doc every single time :(

3:50pm Mar 16 2010 —

@sudarmuthu you have no SVN? If patches on github are standard .diff or .patch files, well, go play: :)

in reply to sudarmuthu — 8:46am Mar 16 2010 —