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.@MuseuDali I WANT TO BE CONTACTED BACK PLEASE. There is no email on your website, your phone service says they can…

12:00pm Mar 18 2023 —

YOURLS 1.9.2… — tell your friends !

12:43pm Mar 5 2023 —

@s0ixante Oué ? Si tu ne connais pas déjà tu es prêt pour essayer Sabaton alors :)

in reply to s0ixante — 10:21pm Oct 21 2022 —

@zadvocate Prendre le problème à la base et leur faire manger de la (bonne) viande (en quantité raisonnable)

in reply to zadvocate — 10:18am Oct 15 2022 —

.@github more and more spam getting posted, that should not pass basic filters. Plus, reporting spam just does not…

6:18am Oct 12 2022 —

@Ocramius Local `docs/` folder : yes for a library intended for devs, might not be a good idea for end product that…

in reply to Ocramius — 6:34pm Aug 16 2022 —

@domainr Is that a UDP vs TCPIP joke ? :)

in reply to domainr — 12:15pm Aug 15 2022 —

@LastPassHelp I took a shortcut and reinstalled a previous version. This version is a mess tbh, cannot list all defects in a single tweet.

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@LastPassHelp Hello LP, latest version of the extension for FF is broken. You cannot autofill form fields, see scre…

6:10pm Aug 7 2022 —

DALL-E is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. Super addictive, too :)
Two scuba divers and fishes ; b…

9:09pm Aug 2 2022 —

@MANOWAR Colombian Manowarriors, don’t set your expectations too high, this group has an ongoing record for cancell…

in reply to MANOWAR — 11:17am Jul 15 2022 —

When you think you’ve seen everything… A user just left a $1 donation (…) for my WordPress stuff, then 15 mn la…

11:58pm Jul 13 2022 —

@BB2k @ecoleESIR @agrocampusouest GG les jumelles !

in reply to BB2k — 9:15am Jul 1 2022 —

@MANOWAR A hellfest-like drama, once again. You’ve lost all credibility long ago, MANOWHINE.

in reply to MANOWAR — 10:14am Jun 27 2022 —

@piloteva_01 @BookOfMetallicA So, name drummer then?

in reply to piloteva_01 — 11:54pm Jun 20 2022 —

In case you haven’t seen the notice in your YOURLS dashboard: 1.9.1 is out

8:01pm May 30 2022 —

@softaculous That was fast ! Kudos 🙏

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Retweeting, for the weekday folks: YOURLS 1.9 released… #yourls

9:43pm Apr 25 2022 —

@dbchhbr VS Code or PHPStorm any time, for many reasons and just because Github Copilot – omg what a game changer that is <3

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