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@jeffr0 Doing OK :) Haven’t touched WP in years, my scarce free time is only for YOURLS. Quietly aging with childre…

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If you had one good news to spread today, it would be that YOURLS 1.8.2 is out…

12:06pm Sep 7 2021 —

@ObiWanBenoni Hi @ObiWanBenoni, I hope you can help out as you were guided too at first. I know how to generate ima…

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@BleaderRaton @s0ixante Dvorak c’est bien le clavier où, après 3 mois d’entrainement, tu es quasiment à 60% de ta v…

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@ObiWanBenoni Hi Benyamin, been following your NFT adventures and now guiding my own kid :) Would love a pointer if…

6:59pm Aug 5 2021 —

@CoinbaseSupport Hello, cannot get my account approved. It’s been like 6 months, 5 tickets, my account still says “…

5:41pm Aug 3 2021 —

(ignore this) 0x09a6Ce307F4682685e262fa9173fe3575bBf5e14

4:25pm Aug 2 2021 —

@1xBet_Francais vous êtes au courant que sponsoriser des films piratés est littéralement la PIRE com’ que vous puis…

8:05pm Jun 11 2021 —

@1xBet_Eng you know that “sponsoring” pirated movies is *literally* the WORST PR you can make, right? 🤣🤣

8:04pm Jun 11 2021 —

@startme Thanks. Sent an email but had no response so far :)

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@materielnet Vous prendriez quelqu’un de surqualifié ? :)

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@johnbillion @newrelic This is truly hilarious 🤣. I hope they make average of software versions too

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@startme Hello there, I’m trying to get in touch with someone about the domain, which redir…

3:46pm Jun 8 2021 —

@yourlscom hello, I’d like to get in touch with you about the domain, thanks in advance :)

3:24pm Jun 8 2021 —

@s0ixante @GKPlugInBaby mais…. Trujilo !!!!!!!!

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@github hey Github, it seems that anyone can edit any page in any wikis (at least, I can) – probably not the expected behavior

3:01pm May 25 2021 —

@matheusbrat hey there, I noticed has been returning errors for long now : is the site dead…

9:46am May 2 2021 —

People who code stuff for YOURLS : if YOURLS had support for custom themes, would you prefer it with:
1) templates,…

6:45pm Apr 29 2021 —

@markjaquith @dimensionmedia I’ve been pretty lucky with “o, z, h, at, yes the at symbol, o, z, h, dot org, yes tha…

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@0x_Hammer yep, LgrZ worked. Thanks a bunch!

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