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@matheusbrat hey there, I noticed has been returning errors for long now : is the site dead…

9:46am May 2 2021 —

People who code stuff for YOURLS : if YOURLS had support for custom themes, would you prefer it with:
1) templates,…

6:45pm Apr 29 2021 —

@markjaquith @dimensionmedia I’ve been pretty lucky with “o, z, h, at, yes the at symbol, o, z, h, dot org, yes tha…

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@0x_Hammer yep, LgrZ worked. Thanks a bunch!

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@0x_Hammer Still have some ? Would like to have one :)

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@oxtorrent sympa la pub qui bloque les boutons “télécharger/magnet link” et les remplace par un popup “vous devez créer un compte VPN”…. 🤬

8:11pm Mar 19 2021 —

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@DrewAPicture Back up ! Turns out a *lot* of functions I used in 2009 have been removed in PHP7 and 8 :)

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YOURLS 1.8.1 available – tell the world !

7:24pm Mar 6 2021 —

@DrewAPicture Well, I emailed a couple times the dude who bought it and offered to help, but never got a response s…

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It just crossed my mind that YOURLS has never received yet a donation in cryptocurrency…. Just sayin’ ;)

8:00pm Mar 5 2021 —

4:59pm Feb 22 2021 —

@steveprentice Nope, no idea :)

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@materielnet Hello, Kobo Clara 20% plus cher chez vous que chez Fnac ou Darty… Que diriez…

1:36pm Nov 29 2020 —

@jakeasmith I’m an active user of jakeasmith/http_build_url (used in There are a couple u…

9:50pm Nov 15 2020 —

@MacsandMoreDH Not a fan of this anthem. I’m not sure if there are national anthem that are actually nice, but ours…

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@NNeanderMedical @zadvocate You drunk, right?

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@andreasnrb I disagree. Murica’s shit show is not because they are a federation, it’s because they have a 3rd world…

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In my evolved and democratic country, everybody votes directly for the next President (no voting for a guy voting f…

11:54am Nov 7 2020 —

@hacktoberfest Is this kind of repo OK with you guys?… I’m sure you don’t want to enter an e…

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