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RT @reifman: Excited to share this #WordPress based Twitter archive theme with you by dev @ozh – build search traffic from tweets http://t.…

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If you were a user of my Tweet Archiver plugin for #WordPress, you’ll love this:…

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RT @kwightca: Great explanation and examples of the #WordPress Rewrite API in Pro WP Plugin Development from Wrox, thx @williamsba @just …

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RT @Zengy: Props to @williamsba @ozh @justintadlock Just set up a self hosted plugin repo. Best #wordpress book! cc …

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RT @benlobaugh: Excellent nay AWESOME #WordPress plugin dev book. Highly recommended #wpseattle

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Wow, thanks :) RT @mauguar: #plugindevbook is a huge and brilliant contribution to the #wordpress community and its future.

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Neat! get_template_part() + get_post_format() = RT @dougal: Smarter Post Formats?… #wordpress

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XKCDian comment appropriate here: “that’s a fucking lot as shit” RT @coffee2code: Hey, that makes my 70th #wordpress plugin release!

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“No talk, just Snippets” #wordpress

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How to set a maximum word count on post titles AND not piss your users off

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Add Google Scribe to your #WordPress blog:

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Nice cloud! RT @nacin: New blog post — Visualizing the #WordPress 3.0 contributors: (170 of them!)

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Check if a theme is smart or crap: RT @sivel Detect wp_head and wp_footer from a Plugin #wordpress

9:14pm Apr 25 2010 —

Updated #WordPress Plugin Competition rule: “plugin must be compatible with the latest official release available when the competition ends”

3:15pm May 21 2009 —

Neat tutorial for apprentice hackers: how to install and set up #WordPress locally on your Windows computer, using XAMPP :

10:53pm Apr 26 2009 —

WLTC just announced 2009 edition of their awesome #WordPress Plugin Competition. Starts May 1st & ends July 31st. Awesome!

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Experiment: @hashwordpress will retweet tweets containing “#wordpress”. Made with Twitter Search, Yahoo Pipes and Twitterfeed, 3 neat tools.

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