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@3v4l_org I think emphasis should be given to the #title field (a label “name of your code” for starters). No submission has a name :(

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@rmccue several PR and discussions on Requests need your thoughts my friend! I’ll be happy to help and discuss anything helpful

9:33pm Apr 19 2015 —

@markjaquith replacing “

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Reminder: You can go to to force the ugly but fast interface. For when gmail is dead slow. Like, tooooodaaaaaaaay

12:40pm Apr 18 2015 —

@rosso well, as usual, my best recipe turns out to be random melodic death metal. You should give it a try ;-)

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@rosso tweeted rrrrrrrright at the very second I’m thinking “damn that wife and kids are loud, I’m gonna put the headphones on to focus”

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@palad1 ouais, la moitié de ma tweetlist m’a déjà fait ce commentaire condescendant pour exprimer son désarroi face à ma candeur :P

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@BoiteAWeb :)

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@aalaap everyone on Windows using Git, I hope …

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@aalaap this one is shell dependent though, it exits my bash window to open a crappy ol’ CMD window

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Last tweet + cdhere… = the win on Windows CLI environment

6:41am Apr 17 2015 —

@itsananderson Duuuuude! Thanks :)

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I just realized you could use `explorer .` from the command line in a shell to open the current folder in a new window. Wow. Dude.

6:30am Apr 17 2015 —

Into YOURLS plugins? Here’s some yourls_add_filter() porn for you:…

2:03pm Apr 16 2015 —

Designing web pages where images and content fade in as you scroll down: please stahp.

7:44pm Apr 15 2015 —

RT @SaraJChipps: It’s 2015: open source your shit. No one wants to steal your stupid CRUD app. We just want to learn what works and what do…

9:16pm Apr 14 2015 —

@CommitStrip_fr Qui n’a jamais emménagé dans un nouvel appart avec 0 chaises, 0 tables, mais une connec ADSL déjà opérationnelle… :)

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Silly CLI is a PHP framework for CLI apps that seems to have a very simple and extensible syntax

7:54pm Apr 13 2015 —

@EMP_FRANCE Foxette.

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“No word can describe the ingenuity and usefulness of this cable rack Ozh did this week-end”
— Albert Einstein

7:37pm Apr 12 2015 —