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@zamoose awesome shirt :)

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@BB2k mé non, au pire quelques glissements feutrés de souris :) #checktesmails #checklenet #checkcandycrush

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@ArtemR bah, lots of very negative reviews. Cumbersome to assemble, very fragile, works for one day. Too bad. No shark for XMas! :)

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@ArtemR Awesome! Pretty cheap too:… (the “requires helium, not included” part will imply some logistics)

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@unserkaiser not sure that’s what I’m looking for. Isn’t that a HTTP client lib? I need code to power an .com that will spit JSON

8:47pm Oct 23 2013 —

@alfrekjv can’t see any doc anywhere except a video intro…

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@akanoxx nope, will have a look

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Investigating various PHP REST API frameworks. Contenders so far: Slim, Silex, Flight.

8:35pm Oct 23 2013 —

@smashingmag it’s because when you watch the same animated gif for a long time, the bandwidth adds up! :)

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@gboone42 Yeah I’ve heard good things about it from a few peeps, I’m going to pimp it at work

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@jeherve Yammer seems neat enough, I’ll hint them this

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@jeherve @rzen yeah but we’re talking 50,000+ employees here, I need something out of the box with very large corps experience :)

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Anyone uses a corporate “social network”? They’ve started to implement a terrible one at work, 100% in flash, and I’d like to suggest other

7:22pm Oct 22 2013 —

My twitter is full of Apple fanboys, this time raving about next iPad colors. I guess there is some Apple event. Hate when that happens :-Þ

6:57pm Oct 22 2013 —

@adamdehaven hence “open an issue”

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@adamdehaven what data would you need? Open an issue and describe, maybe we can add something generic and useful for everybody

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@materielnet que c’est méga cher? :-)

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The awesome is strong in this one:

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7:22pm Oct 20 2013 —

@DeFries because he’s not a dietitian? :)

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