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@rfischmann not sure what timeout you mean. Looks like a WP plugin problem to me.

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@scribu damn, you killjoy :)

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Win a $160 @dreamhost account credit for their 16th Birthday! #DreamHostsweet16

5:13pm Sep 8 2013 —

If had an API, I’d use it to close all issues opened on Github :-Þ “It can’t be broken, it passes all unit tests”

4:56pm Sep 6 2013 —

@kovshenin heh. Awesome name :)

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We at YOURLS are currently undergoing a unit test spree. Fun times :-)

7:14pm Sep 5 2013 —

Weeeell well well, I’m not sure it was all worth it in the end for Yahoo to display such lack of creativity.

5:54am Sep 5 2013 —

@wordnik this is the shit!

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@joetek no shit… I thought at first that was a really cool initiative, but man, most of the logos… BLEH creativity

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Breaking news: listening to crap music can turn you ugly. Proof:…

8:18pm Sep 3 2013 —

I think @scribu‘s blog post on how to reset a git fork is one of the internet page I check the most :-Þ…

7:25pm Sep 3 2013 —

4:30pm Sep 2 2013 —

@ImperativeIdeas thanks, I’ll give it a try

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@ImperativeIdeas Didn’t want to spend $300+ on a video edition software I’ll use once a semester…

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Dear @CyberLink, when I buy software, I tend to get very pissed when said software crashes randomly on me. Next time I’ll torrent you.

5:09pm Sep 1 2013 —