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@piwik I find this weird: you sure you’ve fixed all your plugin troubles? :)

10:20pm Nov 27 2012 —

@tomwillmot it’s pretty and sexy and everything, but it’s just unusable IMO and doesn’t help understand how Git works

in reply to tomwillmot — 9:51pm Nov 27 2012 —

@simond FYI, just published that post about Git on Windows I was talking about earlier

in reply to simond — 6:52pm Nov 27 2012 —

On PlanetOzh: Efficient Git Setup on Windows

6:50pm Nov 27 2012 —

@tomwillmot yep. Sucks, to be honest.

in reply to tomwillmot — 6:48pm Nov 27 2012 —

@simond Thanks! That’s exactly what I thought when writing it, I wished someone showed me all this a long time ago :)

in reply to simond — 1:01pm Nov 27 2012 —

@simond Definitely, TortoiseGit is totally decent & usable. In the works: a blog post about my Git setup on Windows, might help!

in reply to simond — 12:58pm Nov 27 2012 —

@wptavern submit a patch with that renaming :)

in reply to wptavern — 12:12pm Nov 27 2012 —

Heh. “Over the years, the saying has been, “Decisions, not options“. I wonder when options.php will be renamed to decisions.php.” @wptavern

12:09pm Nov 27 2012 —

Judging by the order confirmation mail they send to customers, I guess @BlackMilkTweets didn’t think MEN could buy their stuff.

11:42am Nov 27 2012 —

@Maitre_E Intrigué par le billet sur Ippon… Je me le commande pour Noël avant de le transmettre probablement à mon ainé (11 ans)

11:31am Nov 27 2012 —

@no_fear_inc Told you. Written in 2006. Never released. :)

in reply to no_fear_inc — 8:24pm Nov 26 2012 —

This last tweet from @smashingmag reminds me this:… Made in 2006, never released or used anywhere. Duh.

8:19pm Nov 26 2012 —

@markjaquith my story: I refuse to get older. I’ve been 35 for some time now. It’s great :)

in reply to markjaquith — 10:37pm Nov 25 2012 —

@markjaquith and gists!

in reply to markjaquith — 9:55pm Nov 24 2012 — is an awesome jQuery plugin that incredibly enhances any Javascript code in seconds. Recommended.

7:23pm Nov 23 2012 —

@joemcasta yeh, no :) Not the same energetic rock style I like from them

in reply to joemcasta — 6:44am Nov 23 2012 —

@Christophe_Co ayet je suis sur le replay, j’ai vu la fameuse photo :)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 11:23pm Nov 22 2012 —

Self RT because it’s worth it: RT @ozh On planetOzh: Currently Immensely Digging Rodrigo Y Gabriela

11:00pm Nov 22 2012 —

I cannot accurately express how magnificently awesome Rodrigo & Gabriela were tonight. One of my very best concerts ever.

10:55pm Nov 22 2012 —