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Hey @gmail, I’d like to pick a label when composing a message. Kind of cumbersome to have to see the message you’ve just sent to apply one.

10:19pm Jan 27 2011 —

@itsananderson too much Rob Zombie for me. Can’t code while headbanging with a fist up in the air :)

in reply to itsananderson — 8:57pm Jan 27 2011 —

@AbriCoCotier d’une part, j’en doute (hormis si tu actives les fonctions multisite evidemment), d’autre part la 2.9 est vulnérable…

in reply to AbriCoCotier — 6:38pm Jan 27 2011 —

@RichieM_ suggest them to upgrade and, if not, denounce! :)

in reply to RichieM_ — 5:08pm Jan 27 2011 —

Hey @ovhteam, that’s nice to offer 1 click install for WordPress, but… version 2.9 really? It’s a bit… outdated.

4:45pm Jan 27 2011 —

@markmcwilliams I don’t think I limited this (at least you can 3 chars, eg ‘ozh’)

in reply to markmcwilliams — 4:40pm Jan 27 2011 —

OMFG. I’m seeing Rob Zombie and Cavalera Conspiracy in June. O.M.F.G. (and Ozzy, Judas Priest and a shitload more)

4:34pm Jan 27 2011 —

Looking at and liking a few stuff. I regularly have that compulsive itch for new tshirts… :)

10:48am Jan 27 2011 —

@rudolfpietersma no, I didn’t work on this lately. No ETA :Þ

in reply to rudolfpietersma — 10:09am Jan 27 2011 —

@Imnotanerd why reinvent the wheel… If you want something less extensible, lighter and with less features than YOURLS, try Lessn

in reply to Imnotanerd — 9:37am Jan 27 2011 —

Neat. WP Quick Deploy: a plugin to quickly deploy WP + a few top notch hand picked plugins (including some from me ;)

11:22pm Jan 26 2011 —

Awesome: Visit any website featured there and resize your browser window.

11:08pm Jan 26 2011 —

@pollyplummer It doesn’t work.

10:22pm Jan 26 2011 —

@ArtemR omg rofl uber awesome :)))

in reply to ArtemR — 6:06pm Jan 26 2011 —

@talou Probablement facile à faire avec un plugin. Regarde et modifie un plugin d’exemple

in reply to talou — 3:44pm Jan 26 2011 —

@KeyCAPTCHA ooooops forgot to turn the read-only mode off ;P And the point of “shorter” is pretty obvious: 140 char ain’t a lot…

in reply to KeyCAPTCHA — 9:26am Jan 26 2011 —

@KeyCAPTCHA mine is and it’s 40% shorter ;)

in reply to KeyCAPTCHA — 9:16am Jan 26 2011 —

@markjaquith @aaronjorbin I like the world you live in. A manichean world where someone IS or IS NOT a felon, for life. Wish it existed.

in reply to markjaquith — 9:12am Jan 26 2011 —

@Latz No idea. I think Amazon US is simply offering a rebate for preorder while others don’t. Maybe wait for the ebook? :)

in reply to Latz — 9:43pm Jan 25 2011 —

@TJList Saw Anthrax live last year. Not my fav band but they were quite kicking :)

in reply to TJList — 8:12pm Jan 25 2011 —