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Vote and put @technosailor on stage for a karaoke during next SXSW

3:19pm Feb 19 2010 —

Roadmap (or wishlist?) for YOURLS:

3:12pm Feb 19 2010 —

@williamsba since it can be multisite I guess the DB schema is the same as what it used to be on WPMU? I admit I didn’t run neither

in reply to williamsba — 3:11pm Feb 19 2010 —

@williamsba for 2.9? It’s going to deprecate quite fast :)

in reply to williamsba — 3:04pm Feb 19 2010 —

@ptahdunbar @nathanrice indeed it’s outdated. See comments

in reply to ptahdunbar — 3:00pm Feb 19 2010 —

@StephenCronin actually I like this new @echofon behavior. It’s like some incentive to discover new relevant Twitter users.

in reply to StephenCronin — 2:03pm Feb 19 2010 —

2 days with no office, wife or kids: wake up late, play Quake, run 4 km, code. I could get used to this :)

1:28pm Feb 19 2010 —

LOL @ to share links with a bit of awkwardness

8:17pm Feb 18 2010 —

Bwahah, is awesome.

10:26pm Feb 17 2010 —

Awesome: the official tag line for registrar (@gandibar) is “No Bullshit”. No wonder I use them :)

9:13am Feb 17 2010 —

Took me 1 minute and a Google search to understand how to make square brackets on my Mom’s Mac. Stupid computer.

10:39am Feb 15 2010 —

@twanoo Collection de twitterers Nantais? J’en suis :) Y-a-t’il des événements parfois? (un apéro Twitter?)

in reply to twanoo — 2:13pm Feb 12 2010 —

@Viper007Bond Maybe for a high profile site like this it brings some serious bandwidth savings with images not being loaded under the fold

in reply to Viper007Bond — 12:42pm Feb 12 2010 —

@jeynergil no, YOURLS is totally free.

in reply to jeynergil — 8:57am Feb 12 2010 —

@nacim time to update your Twitter bio! :)

10:49pm Feb 11 2010 —

Whoa, cool: beer flavored lip gloss :) I want the same with Whisky and wines.

9:02pm Feb 11 2010 —

Staged release for WordPress? (like Google does: first for 10,000 users then everybody) I like the idea.

2:19pm Feb 11 2010 —

@jan_dembowski yeah I should work on this. Will contact my lawyers asap! :)

in reply to jan_dembowski — 2:05pm Feb 11 2010 —

Wonder what “custom post type” is? Killer post: RT @planetwp WP Engineer: First Impressions of Custom Post Type

2:03pm Feb 11 2010 —

Gmail, scroll all the way down: “turn off buzz”. Ah, thanks.

7:22am Feb 11 2010 —