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@WPTechNantes à quand un site chapeau (international?) pour promouvoir le concept? Nantes, Paris… ou la Pologne, cf la discussion à Paris

in reply to WPTechNantes — 2:00pm Mar 18 2015 —

@MeloDeathVideo We’re holding a 1 month melodeath event: Melodic Death Metal March, on with one band featured per day

10:35am Mar 18 2015 —

@joelcieslar the Road Map on the Github project’s wiki is your friend!

in reply to joelcieslar — 10:35pm Mar 17 2015 —

Business model of the year: for $50, turn your competitors logo into a penis.

6:52pm Mar 17 2015 —

In YOURLS sample config, placeholder var “” was too confusing for noobs. I hope will be clearer

11:25pm Mar 16 2015 —

@yoast Do it. WP is afraid to drop 5.2 because of all the legacy or even abandoned installs which have been installed in the 5.2 era. Do it.

6:59am Mar 16 2015 —

@BoiteAWeb oué j’ai vu ça hier aussi, c’est dans mes Youtube Subscriptions :)

in reply to BoiteAWeb — 6:57am Mar 16 2015 —

@markjaquith @dd32 that’s what I’ve been saying for months, based on stats gathered by YOURLS (<5% on PHP 5.2 as of now)

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RT @mor10: You know… It’s only Pi Day because you write the date wrong.…

10:47pm Mar 14 2015 —

This one is for my Canadian namefellow @richardmtl (yeah, I’ve just learnt about the word “namefellow” too)

8:54pm Mar 14 2015 —

@Metalliquoi Petite pub: savais-tu que Mars est le mois du Melodeath? Un groupe par jour à l’affiche sur

5:25pm Mar 13 2015 —

Been offline on business trips most of the week. What’s that new WP drama I see mentioned here and there?

7:16am Mar 13 2015 —

@josephscott John Resig says JavaScript. So, JavaScript.

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RT @cap:

11:19am Mar 8 2015 —

Decode-the-image-bubble-wrap zen moment…

9:45am Mar 8 2015 —

@DrScienceCat before blindly tweeting images from /r/funny, at least read their comments where it’s stated that it’s BS. And wrong English.

in reply to DrScienceCat — 8:22am Mar 8 2015 —

We still have our xmas tree in the living room, decorated and everything. What do we win?

6:57pm Mar 7 2015 —

Dark side of the most beautiful cake ever

11:02am Mar 7 2015 —

On Twitter, Untappd is the new Foursquare. I just earned the “Annoying useless tweet (level 42)” badge! Whoohoo!

10:50am Mar 7 2015 —

I’m kind of disappointed there’s no Konami code on :(

10:06pm Mar 6 2015 —