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@danhgilmore man I *wish* my desktop was large enough to put two of the glorious 19” I was using till today :) Unbeaten eye comfort.

in reply to danhgilmore — 6:58pm Nov 12 2014 —

I’ve just retired my 4:3 19 inches CRT monitor. Now on a 24”. I bet I was the last person you know still using a 4:3 19”? :)

6:55pm Nov 12 2014 —

@reifman neat :)

in reply to reifman — 6:30pm Nov 12 2014 —

@agsmeels cool :) I went rather unnoticed on /r/metal (poor timing, my bad :), I’ll pimp it again later

in reply to agsmeels — 4:45pm Nov 12 2014 —

@nacin You need to install so many plugins to make it a CMS.

in reply to nacin — 6:39am Nov 12 2014 —

I absolutely never cook, but I think I want the OCD Chef cutting board……

7:30pm Nov 11 2014 —

@agsmeels here you go: Can you promote it or /r/punk later this afternoon so the US crowd can catch on it?

in reply to agsmeels — 12:03pm Nov 11 2014 —

@agsmeels sure! does that subreddit has a little name? (eg “shreddit” for /r/metal?)

in reply to agsmeels — 11:33am Nov 11 2014 —

My week-end project: The Shreddit Player to play videos submitted to /r/Metal m/ #metal

7:41pm Nov 10 2014 —

@Christophe_Co la veille de rentrer, tu fais le coup de la panne? Ouais ouais ouais…

in reply to Christophe_Co — 9:18am Nov 10 2014 —

I think @idiot might be the best Twitter account ever. Follow. Now.

9:42pm Nov 9 2014 —

RT @idiot: This is why you don’t let developers choose their licence plates:

9:37pm Nov 9 2014 —

RT @infobeautiful: Graphic: Dance moves that catch a lady’s eye (apparently) –

2:42pm Nov 8 2014 —

@Tifoux24 déjà fait plein de fois, ils vont croire que je les harcèle, je vais encore patienter un peu :)

in reply to Tifoux24 — 11:07am Nov 8 2014 —

@Tifoux24 ah. Bon ben je patiente… Moi il m’avait dit que ça arriverait “probablement” la semaine dernière :)

in reply to Tifoux24 — 11:05am Nov 8 2014 —

@Tifoux24 par curiosité, as-tu reçu ton PC? Toujours aucune nouvelle de mon côté pour le 24 pouces…

in reply to Tifoux24 — 11:02am Nov 8 2014 —

@johnbillion huge congrats!

in reply to johnbillion — 6:21pm Nov 6 2014 —

@Christophe_Co ouais mais fait gaffe, le pourboire n’est pas inclus. Ca fausse l’addition.

in reply to Christophe_Co — 7:14am Nov 4 2014 —

@rmccue any chance you could look at my PR on Requests any time soon? I’m holding a YOURLS issue on it. Thanks!

9:59pm Nov 3 2014 —

Hey, it’s been a long while since I last said that GistBox is super neat. So: GistBox is super neat!

9:19pm Nov 3 2014 —