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Now @wpdevel will also tweet about as well as trunk commits

6:06pm Oct 27 2010 —

@SouraMagazine cool for you but to me, this *is* a scam. Not replying to emails and holding up customer’s money = dishonest.

in reply to SouraMagazine — 3:04pm Oct 27 2010 —

@beaulebens If you need more wowza

in reply to beaulebens — 6:17am Oct 27 2010 —

@Alex_S_Moore don’t buy it, it’s a scam:

in reply to Alex_S_Moore — 8:48pm Oct 26 2010 —

@iAdamB @ahmedelgamal @chrishathway @AronSimpson @coreyshitjas you won’t get the book. My experience:

in reply to iAdamB — 8:44pm Oct 26 2010 —

@nacin an easy one to commit while you speak: #14628

in reply to nacin — 8:05pm Oct 26 2010 —

@thorpus sure — email on its way

in reply to thorpus — 7:13pm Oct 26 2010 —

@addthis could we get something working with YOURLS? (a self hosted URL shortener with API) (cc: aaronjorbin)

7:06pm Oct 26 2010 —

@BoltClock yeah I’m pretty proud of them :)

in reply to BoltClock — 6:00pm Oct 26 2010 —

My kids carved their first Halloween pumpkin

5:56pm Oct 26 2010 —

On planetOzh: Don’t Buy “The Internet Is a Playground” Book from @27bslash6: It’s a Scam.

5:11pm Oct 26 2010 —

YOURLS meets Ruby. Not sure what for, but it sounds nice :) RT @rubygems yourls (0.1.1):

4:35pm Oct 26 2010 —

You thought “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus” was the best flick title ever? Meet “Nude Nuns With Big Guns” (SFW)

12:49pm Oct 26 2010 —

@Christophe_Co ouah punaise énorme. Je kiffe grave trop la tuerie.

in reply to Christophe_Co — 12:44pm Oct 26 2010 —

FeedBurner now realtime Yeah, what we needed was really counters jumping from 400 to 1600 *real time*…

8:35am Oct 26 2010 —

@wpmuguru OK. Then I’ll make a tshirt stating that I’d torture them, because tshirts give authority. So I’ll be 1st in line!

in reply to wpmuguru — 9:38pm Oct 25 2010 —

@jeffrose *smacks forehead* now that you say it, it does seem pretty obvious… I #blamenacin once again!

in reply to jeffrose — 9:05pm Oct 25 2010 —

I’d happily torture to death whoever invented Flash banner ads with audio.

9:00pm Oct 25 2010 —

Please everybody stop mentioning @williamsba so he can focus on #plugindevbook

5:40pm Oct 25 2010 —

Just found out about @DalaiLama’s account. No offense to the man but his Twitter stream is so naive & simpleton that it looks fake.

5:31pm Oct 25 2010 —