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RT @justintadlock’s guide to WP SEO: (and I must say, I pretty much agree)

9:28pm Mar 28 2009 — : a sponsored lottery on Twitter (aka “follow them and if lucky, win cash”). What’s your opinion on this concept?

9:39pm Mar 27 2009 —

Microblogging? 140 chars? Pfew, way too much. Nanoblogging!

7:59pm Mar 26 2009 —

Online vote for employee representatives at work, today: the website says that FF3 is insecure and suggests using MSIE instead. Rrrrrrright.

1:22pm Mar 26 2009 —

on planetOzh: Ebook: Writing Secure WordPress Plugins

7:36am Mar 26 2009 —

@lucianop because the other SEO plugins have “SEO” in their names. This is pure marketing and packaging, not features :)

in reply to lucianop — 11:02pm Mar 24 2009 —

@jeffr0 oww yeah! JeffK now haz sirious competichun (I assume you know JeffK, of course:)

in reply to jeffr0 — 9:10pm Mar 24 2009 — tweet textarea broken! Other than that, awesome tool. Incoming review with 50 ideas of stuff to im …

8:47pm Mar 24 2009 —

@epelboin Read it on’s blog:

in reply to epelboin — 8:08pm Mar 24 2009 — soon to charge $3 per month their non-US/UK-GER users. Will you follow this move?

7:53pm Mar 24 2009 —

Got for my birthday: a 1972 vintage bottle of Armagnac (from Laubade’s, of course) in its gorgeous wooden box. Sooooo fucking awesome :)

10:07pm Mar 23 2009 —

How to lose your job in 140 characters. @Viper007Bond would say “failarious”!

11:46pm Mar 22 2009 —

@jeffr0 Same. Those offended by Obama’s oopsie should rather spend their time being offended by the Pope’s comments about condoms, IMHO

in reply to jeffr0 — 9:08pm Mar 20 2009 —

@westi turning pizza into code? Sounds interesting. Are bugs made of pepperonni? :)

in reply to westi — 8:22pm Mar 20 2009 —

on planetOzh: Online Photoshop Clone

8:08am Mar 20 2009 —

Use & tweet your blog posts? Vote for my feature request on !

in reply to nathanrice — 11:17pm Mar 19 2009 —

@bujanga you’re supposed to run *at least* a 1024×768 pixels monitor these days :)

in reply to bujanga — 10:00pm Mar 18 2009 —

@scrim would you give me away your twitter username?

9:38pm Mar 18 2009 —

@ev3rywh3re damned, your hax0r nickname hax0red’s db. Hopefully it’s fixed :-)

in reply to ev3rywh3re — 9:27pm Mar 18 2009 —

Peeps: the brand new cute and shiny goes live! Cute? Ugly? Cool? Useless? Check it out and tell me what you think!

8:51pm Mar 18 2009 —