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I released a number of WordPress plugins over the last 10 years ("24 plugins and 1,062,110 downloads", says my fun bookmarklet) and they all mostly fall in one of these three categories: Outdated stuff that are no longer maintained because I don't need them anymore Simple stuff that don't require any maintenance because they just […][...] → Read more

OK, let's step down a bit from Twitter for a while. This is a much overdue update to the übercòól Admin Drop Down Menu. Aside from minor tweaks related to the upcoming WordPress 2.8, more languages than ever (German being the latest addition), the plugin is now fully RTL friendly (hence the so witty post […][...] → Read more

Most of the time, I quite like coding WordPress plugins. Nonetheless, in the programming flow, there is something that I hate: all the localization process that takes place at the end of a project. That is, making sure I didn't hardcode a string that won't be translated, creating or updating the .pot template files ("OK, […][...] → Read more

Argh, the dev team caught me by surprise: when I saw WP 2.7 RC2 yesterday, I thought I had a couple of days more, but they decided to release the final 2.7 a few hours later :) So, rather than respond to gazillions (or so) of comments asking about an upgrade, I've committed earlier this […][...] → Read more

The unstable version of WordPress is now showing version "2.7-almost-beta" and you pretty much see most of what it's going to be. Basically… WordPress 2.7 is killing my plugins! Absolute Comments probably won't get updated for 2.7 since most of its feature will be built-in. Almost 3 years ago I wrote the first ever Admin […][...] → Read more

Edit: Oops! I actually forgot to press the "Commit" button :) Now you can get the new version! Here is another update of your favorite plugin, the ubermighty Admin Drop Down Menu. I'll make it short: Fixed: a bug with Safari & OSX that was causing sort of blank screens. Thanks to Dale for being […][...] → Read more

Update: I've update the plugin doc and added a page for plugin coders. I've just committed version 2.3 of the mother of all admin menu plugins, Admin Drop Down Menu, and there are some pretty hot stuff inside. Plugin coders, be sure to read this till the end. First, it's finally ready for translation. That's […][...] → Read more

I've just committed a quick update to Admin Drop Down Menu, now showing version number 2.2.1 This update brings in a few CSS tweaks and improves the compatibility with Fluency, so if you're using this admin theme you'll be happier after upgrading. On the subject of this wonderful little plugin, my ego quite inflated yesterday […][...] → Read more

Kaspars updated is fun plugin Baltic Amber (bringing some refreshing change in the WordPress backend with a set of new stylesheets) to make it fully compatible with my own Admin Drop Down Menu. He threw in some really nice subtle tweaks (see screenshot) that make the two plugins coexist very harmoniously. Good job Kaspars! :)[...] → Read more

For those who have updated to Admin Drop Down Menu v2.1 yesterday, if you happen to also use Fluency, please re-download my plugin. I fixed compatibility between them, everything should be fine now.[...] → Read more