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On: 2008 / 10 / 18
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The unstable version of WordPress is now showing version "2.7-almost-beta" and you pretty much see most of what it's going to be. Basically… WordPress 2.7 is killing my plugins!

Absolute Comments probably won't get updated for 2.7 since most of its feature will be built-in. Almost 3 years ago I wrote the first ever Admin Drop Down Menu plugin and they'll be now available out of the box (definitely not as cool and usable as mine, but that's better than nothing)

All in all, this is good news. All the WordPress plugins I wrote were necessary to me because I had the feeling that WordPress was somehow failing at something (comment management or navigation for these particular) and I'm glad to see that the software gets more mature and improves its once shaky area.

For those who have tried and played a bit with the trunk version of WordPress lately, what is your favorite new feature?

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  1. Nathan Rice says:

    It's so funny, that's the first thing I thought of when I started messing around with the trunk … Absolute Comments is now unnecessary! :-)

    In fact, in a roundabout way, features from all 3 of the top 3 plugins in the WLTC plugin competition will be included in 2.7. Very cool of the WP team to take this kind of stuff into consideration.

  2. Nick says:

    My favorite feature? Well, I have 2 favorites:

    – the new backend design and
    – the "reply to comments within the Admin".

  3. Murk says:

    Don't forget to update your redundant plugins with code that disables them!


  4. JD Hartley says:

    I have been using trunk since 2.6 came out, and I have loved how it changes from week to week. Sure, it broke my site a few times (only to be fixed the next day) but it is really awesome.

    I remember when they first made the switch over to the "new" layout I still had Drop Down Menu active and it messed up EVERYTHING. It took me a good four days until I realized that it wasn't WordPress. haha

    I really like the sidebar nav. What is even more awesome is the "Page Options" feature–hopefully more and more will be added to make it truly customizable to the thing you want.

    Can't wait to see what people will be programming to change the (yet another) new administration panel. Hopefully it will stay this way for awhile (but not too long!) =]

    -JD Hartley

  5. Hi,

    it might be that WP out of the box will have some of your plugins, but that is really good news for you in a way.

    You can at least say that your plugin ideas have been incorporated into 2.7. This would mean that you will have to find another cool plugin that you can develop.

    Good luck for the future.

  6. Ozh says:

    George Serradinho » features, not plugins :) Some features from some of my plugins will get incorporated, but that doesn't mean my plugins or my code was incorporated. Same ideas, that's all.

  7. Fujilives says:

    I just installed it and, while I like the concept of a side-menu that is dynamic and adjustable (a concept that allows you to navigate many-a-popular webpage already) – I do very much perfer the top-based dropdown Ozh brought to the table. To be honest I was losing interest in wordpress prior to Ozh Dropdown Menu, it was light-weight and fast enough to completely change the way I used wordpress.

    For many people, this (2.7) will completely change they way they use wordpress, but for those of us who discovered your dropdown plugin some-time ago, it's just old-hat. What is bothering me is that there isn't a way to drag that fancy new side-panel up top so I can continue to wordpress as I have been with Ohz-admin dropdown menu plugin.

    Once I saw they introduced a side-based menu system with no option for a top-based administration, I immediately thought of a very good reasy why they migh have opted for this. My guess is they wanted a way to improve on thier own "wordpress mu" type setup, so people who buy hosting of wordpress sites through them can continue to use thier own dropdown-from-the-top to navigate multiple wordpress blogs while retaining control of each block seperately via side-menus.

    As far as dissapointments go, the one thing I have wanted to see implemented into wordpress for a very long time is more easily customizable menues for the end user – the continuing lack of said built-in-feature blows my mind.

    There is a plugin "WordPress Navigation List Plugin NAVT" that does an impressive job of allowing the customization of menues for the wordpress end-user. For me, it's easy to go in and edit a list via coding to make sure I am linking pages in the order that I want, Hell, I don't even have to tie into dynamically pulling that information from wordpress. However, with NAVT the end-user, or people with little-to-no coding experience can create and manage thier own menus. It's sloppy right now, but go check out and you can see the result of the testing I've thrown together to make sure I could pull it off for end-users in the future if I were to offer them a website.

    Using a sucker-fish menu system and the NAVT system, people can (after something like what I have set up is deployed) customize everything in the drop-down menu with drag-and-drop ease (sorry if half the links in it don't work, it's just one big testground for me so a lot of the links are dead from old tests).

    So, Ozh, you changed the way I used wordpress once before, if you feel compelled to do so, try to find a way to make an easier menu-list system as well, your Ozh menu is what inspired me to do what I've done, and I believe you are the king-of-dropdowns from what I've seen in the admin-menu. Perhaps you could add another feature that will be "incorporated" *cough* into the next WP release ;p

    PS. I'm assuming this is a yes, but will there be future dropdown menu releases from you now that there is a horizontal menu so that we can continue to have the horizontal menu we are used to – even if it doesn't neccesarily "ADD" a dropdown feature?

  8. Peter Kahoun says:

    I just hope you won't stop developing (keeping alive) your drop-down menu. It's imo still far more usable than current 2.7b menu.

  9. Ozh says:

    Peter » Most probably. I mean, until today, it was not "probably", it was "hell yeah". But I admit that when I last synced my SVN copy, I was pretty happy with the menu as it will be.

  10. demetris says:

    There is a certain balance of annoyances that must not be disturbed. :-p Some are removed, new ones are added to replace them.

    I’ll repeat what Peter Kahoun said. Ozh, I hope you keep maintaining your plugin.

  11. Fujilives says:

    Please for the love of all things wordpress, continue this addon after the 2.7 update – I can't stand the side menu.

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  13. Matt Algren says:

    I was just going through my plugins to see which ones I can ditch once 2.7 is stable, and the two that I depend on the most are yours!

    But I'm sure new problems will show themselves.

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  15. Tim says:

    Will you be upgrading your plugin to work with WP2.7? I'm definitely NOT a fan of the new sidebar menu system and would much prefer to use a proper horizontal menu like yours.

    The new menu seemed like a good idea at first, but after using it for the past week I'm starting to pull out my hair and my eyes are hurting from having to scroll and figure out what is what. It's a proper mess.

    Hopefully you agree. Thanks for the great work!

  16. Ozh says:

    Tim » I had the very same opinion. "hey cool" at first, "hey wicked" when I noticed the reduced icon-only version, but after a short while I found it totally unusable and a scrolling pain. In other words: coming soon.

  17. I am so glad to hear that you are working on your plugin for the monstrosity which is becoming 2.7. It was somewhat usable (in icon form) right up until they made all b/w icons that all look the same. All the work to figure out how to make it easier to use, only to lose a great deal of it to create the visual look they wanted. Crikey.

  18. SO glad to hear you're planning on working on a horizontal menu. I can't stand the sidebar thingie either – it just takes up far too much horizontal space!

  19. wiwied says:

    how.. to add cbox to my sidebar? or other that need plugins?


  20. Ozh says:

    wiwied » understood nothing to your comment.

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  22. Paul says:

    heya ozh,
    it's a big compliment to your contribution to the improvement of wordpress… cheers for the great plugins… I am sure you will concoct more equally useful efficient plugins for the 2.7 framework… thanks again, paul

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