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The unstable version of WordPress is now showing version "2.7-almost-beta" and you pretty much see most of what it's going to be. Basically… WordPress 2.7 is killing my plugins! Absolute Comments probably won't get updated for 2.7 since most of its feature will be built-in. Almost 3 years ago I wrote the first ever Admin […][...] → Read more

I've updated two of my plugins today: Absolute Comments to version 2.2 and Admin Drop Down Menu to version 2.1. So, what's new ? Absolute Comments 2.2 brings its own administration page within the admin area and fixes the "View All" links (to view all comments for a particular post) which were broken for pages […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 04 / 14

If you are experiencing problems with Absolute Comments, it's mostly because of a conflicting plugin. I've put this troubleshooting guide to help you identify it. I've also improved a few things on Absolute Comments, regarding error handling and reporting. Now, instead of a silly javascript alert box telling that something went moo, you can actually […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 04 / 06

What a productive week-end! I'm delighted to announce the availability of a new version of Absolute Comments, the plugin that lets you reply to comments from the one and only "Manage Comments" page. This update, stamped "version 2.0", is obviously to make the plugin work with WordPress 2.5 and (hopefully) above. This is a mandatory […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2007 / 11 / 06

I'm extremely pleased and excited to (finally!) release my latest plugin, Absolute Comments, which is probably the most useful plugin I've written to date. I love it. Absolute Comments adds something that everybody misses: the ability to reply to comments from within your regular "Manage Comments" page, without having to load the post page first. […][...] → Read more