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On: 2007 / 11 / 06
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Absolute Comments I'm extremely pleased and excited to (finally!) release my latest plugin, Absolute Comments, which is probably the most useful plugin I've written to date. I love it.

Absolute Comments adds something that everybody misses: the ability to reply to comments from within your regular "Manage Comments" page, without having to load the post page first. It also adds to each comment email notification a very convenient and fast "Quick Reply" link to instantly reply to comments. I've blogged about a similar plugin a few months ago, but I thought this plugin missed on the integration with WordPress (adds an unneeded extra page) and had a number of bugs I couldn't live with. So I made my own (which might have bugs too, but I seem to be able to live with them:)

Quick roundup of Absolute Comments features:

  • Simple integration: no extra page, just more features to your "Manage Comments" page
  • Quick Reply: instantly reply straight from the email notification of a new comment
  • Comment Reply Prefill: make all your replies automatically start with "@Joe" or "Diana »"
  • Threaded Comments Support: if you're already using a plugin that features this
  • Translations: plenty of cute funky characters everywhere!

Absolute Comments

My friends, I tell you : replying to comments has never been this enjoyable with Absolute Comments. Feedback from testers and translators has been very enthusiastic and I believe this plugin has a very great potential for anyone running a blog with more than 10 comments. Give it a try now!

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  1. Sounds great especially since it supports Threaded Comments! I'm downloading it now…

  2. Craig says:

    I've always thought this was a shortcoming in the WordPress setup – thank you for doing something about it!


  3. jG says:

    it looks great…

    I installed it, replied to one comment.
    the reply has been added but I got the following error code in the wp-admin :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /hidden_path_to_my_website/wp-content/plugins/ozh-absolute-comments/includes/_latest_comment.php on line 23

  4. jG says:

    addendum to my previous comment : running wordpress 2.3.1 / the problem occured when wp-admin tried to refresh the comment list. great plugin anyway !

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  6. Ozh says:

    Jérome » can't reproduce & have never seen this error… Does it happen all the time, or was it a once oops ?

  7. jG says:

    to Ozh > I confirm. I redo the same operation and got the same result and error message. I tested to desactivate some wordpress plugin related to comments but the problem is not related to the ohers plugin. what could I do to help you ?

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  9. Ozh says:

    jG » don't know… check your mail ? :) This has been fixed.

  10. jG says:

    thank you for having fixed that !
    you did a great job.

    PS : dans la série "mes amis les filtres anti-spam", je n'ai pas reçu ton mail ou bien je l'ai loupé dans la quantité de messages que je reçois chaque matin.

  11. armouf says:

    Ok, nice plugin.

    Next you should write a plugin that would create fake comments for bloggers who dont get comments on their blogs :)

  12. Holy crap is this a good friggin' toy. If this keeps working, doesn't break, and does what it's supposed to, I'm a fan, I'm writing a glowing review, and I'll pay you money, since I'll have it enabled on 5 blogs I maintain/manage.

    I'll at least link to you now…

  13. SEO Blogger says:

    Dman… WAH-BAM- THIS PLUGIN ROCKS!!!–and I thought Better Comment Manager was good xP… It is good, but Absolute Comment is even better =P.

    Thanks Ozh,
    but please reply to my email–if you have some times to spare.

    ~The SEO Blogger~

  14. Kaiserlino says:

    Hey buddy, posted now on dkcell…
    Hope it goes well…

    If u need translator or beta tester for anythinbg else you can tell me…

    See ya

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