On: 2017/02/05
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Here I'm listing, for my own reference, what I should reinstall when getting a new smartphone or when restoring an old one. This is an ongoing list, updated as I install new stuff I find worthy.

Backup :

  • Notes on the in-house memo app
  • SMS? Check this app
  • From the SD Card: photos, mp3s
  • Sounds from the sound recorder

Apps :

  • 7-Minute Workout, 5 Minute Planks, Push-Ups PRO
  • AppInstaller
  • FB, Messenger. Whatsapp? Twitter?
  • Google: Gmail, Docs, Goggles, Photos, Sheets, Traduction
  • Alarm Clock Plus
  • Swype+Dragon
  • Hellfest, Download Paris
  • Waze
  • TGV PRO (entreprise: C002W28), Air France
  • Games: Rotate, Charlie, Brain It On
  • Some torchlight app
  • Evernote, OneDrive
  • Spotify, Last.fm
  • Bose Connect, just to set up the 5 mn sleep on the headset
  • RED & Moi, to monitor son's cellphone plan

Pre-installed stuff I've used, maybe re-install if missing

  • Sound recorder
  • Memo (offline notes)
  • A crappy alternate browser, simple way to check alternate google account emails
  • An offline Gallery (not Google Photos) to browser photos

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