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I was born in 1972 and I live in France, in Nantes, if I didn't forget to update this page last time I moved :)

I have a computer unrelated job, every hour spent on my box is pure hobby, dedicated to building my personal sites, programming more or less useless stuff, and playing Quake with my clanmates.

I have one wife and two kids, Ariane, Oscar (born in 2002) and Cyrus (born in 2004). I can't wait for my kids to be old enough so we can play some Quake together on the home LAN :) I gave up long time ago playing against my wife, she's a real Quake n00b and never could convince her to train :)

Besides playing the geek on my computer, I listen to some music, mostly AC/DC, Suicidal Tendencies and the like.

#define QUAKE

Back in 1997, I started to play Quake online, and on the 1st June 1998 I founded the overwellknown and uberleet clan French Frag Factory, who has been playing ever since. Our feared clantag is [SARL], if you are or have been anything near a serious Quake players, chances are you know us. Don't lie.

Over the years, the clan site rapidly became the #1 community site for Quake players in France. I've did amazingly interesting things and met amazingly interesting people while managing this site and this community for all these years. Quake simply ruled my life for about a quarter of it as of writing.


My first online presence, aka planetozh-alpha-0.1, was an ugly page, crippled with enough animated GIF's to overload my 28.8k modem, hosted on Compuserve. It was 1995 at the time !

Version 1 of planetOzh started in 1996, and was a regular static html site, which you still can visit here. Hey, it was pretty good, actually :) I was interested in HTML and in learning Javascript, and wrote some rather nice scripts, it was great Web 1.0 ! Amusing fact : I coded almost everything while I was in the army. Man, I was so bored and had so much free time there.

Version 2 didn’t really existed but was splitted over various places : code pieces were on a static page, then for a while I used a script called Thought Bucket, and my rants and articles were written on my French Quake Community site, which was also my Perl training grounds.

Version 3 was born in May 2004. It was hosted on my Quake community site, and at that time I started to use WordPress and decided to learn some PHP. I ended up writing a few stuff for this blogging platform, including semi-popular plugins. Everything can be found under "My Projects".

In late April 2007 enters Version 4, where you just landed, congratulations :) My personal site now has its own domain name and I'm starting to segregate the personal activities from the community ones.

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  1. jon soroko says:

    I hardly ever get to be first! I've just written a post about your new plugin page plugin – it's on my sandbox blog (you've got the link)
    Great stuff you've got on a great site. Also – you write like a well-educated native English speaker – i.e. better than most of us Yanks. Thanks for letting me be first.


  2. Hi Ozh,

    I found your site through by following a network of links from WordPress related sites. I was very pleased to have found it, and your "changing the admin css" tutorial was very helpful.

    More importantly, I read the post above and noticed we were both born in the same year, and even more important than that, was the fact that you mentioned the Suicidal Tendencies…

    I am subscribed and look forward to your posts. Take care…

  3. Hi Oz,

    You seem to be the expert on WordPress Plugins for the development community. Teli Adlam referred me to your site.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don't see your actual name anywhere? Are you flying in stealth mode?

    I'll be trying out your "Who Sees Ads" Google AdSense plugin and recommending it to everyone, so I'm hoping you'll keep it updated.

    I'm also mentioning it in the comments to this (rather popular) post: 10 Best WordPress Plugins for AdSense

  4. Sylvester says:

    Hi Ozh,

    For someone like me who isn't at all technically inclined, I still find myself liking your site and reading through your posts on WP themes etc. I can sense the passion you have for WP stuff and am thankful for your contribution to the rest of the community.

    Will be coming back here often to learn more.

    Thanks again.


  5. […] plugina Ozh ja integriral COLOURlovers v izbiro osnovnih barv strani. Tako lahko na zelo coolski na?in […]

  6. anthony says:

    haha…your old site is cool….especially for 1996 HTML!!!!! The menu is cool too – WIFE.EXE … lol . . . classic . . . didn't know you play quake live . . . I do too . . . I love your wp-admin plug-in . . . its the best . . . Thanks again!!!!

  7. Vijay Gurung says:

    I found ur site really interesting and ur introduction is really impressive. If could jump with the drupal community it would be great. I am a drupal player but ur sites was interesting to surf through.. God bless you for ur gud act.

  8. jehzlau says:

    And now.. this blog is famous! :D No updates after 2007 in this about me page? O_O Just curious about you that's why I read your about page. Hehe.

  9. Rob Honig says:

    Updated or not. I think he was in front.. so his design from 2007 still is suitable for 2012.. Times are changing, but quality doesn't..

    Grtz from NL

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