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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 29

I find most online advertising from little to very annoying, but I admit I somehow like those 125×125 pixel banners and always pay attention to them on other websites. I've been wanting to play with these banners for quite some time now, but never really spent the few minutes to do so. I've applied to […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 28

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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 27

There's a very handy new function and feature in the upcoming WordPress 2.7: the favorite actions, showing a nice little drop down menu containing quick links to your, well, favorite tasks. By default, this drop down contains a link to "Add New Post", "Add New Page" and "Manage Comments". Hopefully and as usual, it's very […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 25

I've just noticed this (new, I guess) kind of warning on Gmail: "this account is currently being used in 1 other location at this IP" This is a welcome feature. I really wished Gmail would add more paranoid and security related notes and items like this one. I (most of us?) have most of their […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 22

Theme authors (and most WordPress hackers in general) use "Template Tags" a lot (the bits like &lt?php the_something(); ?>. The main reference for them is the Template Tags Codex page, but after a wp-hackers discussion I found out about this nicely formatted Template Tag reference. All in one place and handy (not sure how often […][...] → Read more

The unstable version of WordPress is now showing version "2.7-almost-beta" and you pretty much see most of what it's going to be. Basically… WordPress 2.7 is killing my plugins! Absolute Comments probably won't get updated for 2.7 since most of its feature will be built-in. Almost 3 years ago I wrote the first ever Admin […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2008 / 10 / 06

Matt Martz has put up a very cool tutorial on segregating comments from trackbacks with WordPress 2.7 (something that has always been on my todo list, actually). Another handy read for theme authors.[...] → Read more