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On: 2008 / 12 / 11
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Argh, the dev team caught me by surprise: when I saw WP 2.7 RC2 yesterday, I thought I had a couple of days more, but they decided to release the final 2.7 a few hours later :)

So, rather than respond to gazillions (or so) of comments asking about an upgrade, I've committed earlier this morning version 3.0 of Admin Drop Down Menu, the brand new version of everyone's favorite plugin (or so). The plugin page doesn't say anything about the upgrade, but it's coming later. Page updated

I think this version integrates rather well in WordPress' new UI, with more options than ever to tweak things and appearance to suit your liking. Special thanks go to Stephen Rider for his feedback and suggestions.

So, don't wait any longer: upgrade to WordPress 2.7, then update the plugin!

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  1. Trend Land says:

    Thanks so much, I didnt want to upgrade if you did have the "Admin Drop Down Menu for WordPress 2.7" – its definitely one of my favorite plugin – so i guess now i can upgrade –

  2. ThemeLib says:

    Wow, they look great!


  3. Team Nirvana says:

    This plugin has made my life so easy.

    Thanks for the upgraded version and thanks for making it Ozh.

    The color feature is very cool.

  4. Hanna says:

    I love this plug in! WordPress is so ugly without it, and it's even cooler now when I can choose the colour of it too. It's just awesome! Thank you very much.

  5. Mic says:

    Damn. Man your good!

  6. […] gemein, gemein; da habe ich mühsam das Plugin Admin Drop Down Menu for WordPress 2.7 von Ozh mit deutschen .po und .mo Sprachdateien versehen und dann verschwinden die Biester auf […]

  7. Sue says:

    Hi Ozh,
    Thanks for the Admin Drop down menu. I have an enhancement request. I use the settings button often and also have a large number of plugins. With my sidebar open (in FF), I can't view the complete content of the settings section.

    It would be ideal to be able to drag and drop the menu items around so that I didn't have to close my sidebar whenever I wanted to access settings, and could also arrange the items to my preference.
    Many Thanks!

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