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Posted On: 2009 / 02 / 25

LastFM Love Tweet: tweets every track you "love" on so you can share it with with your followers. Neat![...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2007 / 08 / 28

Headbanging link of the day: MetalAd creates a skyscraper-like banner from your heavy metal tastes (as stored by (my metal ad for instance). The generating PHP script is even open-sourced.[...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2006 / 12 / 05

I recently converted some unused money from my Paypal account into a cute Qtek 9100 (WIFI enabled PDA phone that has about all the features you can think of, basically), and as I am spending most of my time in bed for some rather boring surgery recovery, I have plenty of time to play with […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2006 / 08 / 12

Yoopla, I'm back online. Or almost back online, since real life issues are eating most of my free time : I'll be moving by the end of the month, gotta find a house, a babysitter and a school for kids, those things. In other news : I have two invites for Vox, SixApart's latest buzz […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2006 / 04 / 18

I just found about, a Perl CPAN module that saves radio streams to individual mp3's. How cool does that sound ? The readme even says that with a proper MP3::Tag module, mp3 files are saved with correct ID3 tags, which I haven't tried yet. Usage is cake easy. Once the archive untarred, you […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2006 / 04 / 17's player really badly needs an extra feature : a "ban this artist" button, right next to "ban this track". Like, it makes sense I have to click every time on this button every time I hear Moby in the "Similar to Metallica" station. Moby, damnit. What the hell does it have to do with […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2006 / 03 / 30

I've been recently rather hooked into, and, pardon the pun, it rocks. Well, except that someone had already registered the username "Ozh" and I had to twist a bit. I've always liked statistics and useless figures, so a service computing charts of most liked artists and tracks I'm listening to is fun. I even […][...] → Read more