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On: 2006 / 04 / 18
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I just found about, a Perl CPAN module that saves radio streams to individual mp3's. How cool does that sound ? The readme even says that with a proper MP3::Tag module, mp3 files are saved with correct ID3 tags, which I haven't tried yet.

Usage is cake easy. Once the archive untarred, you just :

  1. [ozh@BOX ~/]$ ./ -u yourlogin -p yourpass -a metallica -o /home/ozh/mp3/ &

Sounds great, except that mp3 files generated on my box seem empty. Got to play a bit with this :Þ

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  1. Me says:

    Thank you for the information!
    Neither am I…I still can't get any mp3 file by that…

  2. KickMe says:

    Didn't have this problem (vesion 1.2.1). Nice program !

    [gniiii l'anti spambot, y'a pas moyen de le mettre en valeur, ou ailleurs qu'après les champs optionnels, ou de pouvoir récupérer le comment qu'on vient de taper avec amour ?]

  3. jasvanth says:

    please can someonbe explain how i use this. im really confused

  4. Slash says:

    How do i have to install that? i don't get it

  5. chris says:

    yeah.. How do we use this? can someone make us a guide??
    please.. :)

  6. Or you could just use StationRipper, which will record (and internet radio)

  7. Spanner_Man says:

    @ StationRipper
    How counter productive.
    Obviously you cannot read what your trying to promote as that's for winbloze, not *nix.
    In essence – learn to read.

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