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On: 2010 / 05 / 11
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Matt Harris, Developer Advocate at Twitter, posted in the wp-hackers mailing list some important information about the Twitter API. In substance,

On the 30th June the Twitter REST API will stop supporting Basic Authentication and instead switch to OAuth. This means all user authenticated requests to the API must be OAuth signed, preferably using OAuth headers.

If you're a WordPress plugin developer (or less specifically a hacker of any kind) who's playing with the Twitter API, be sure to upgrade your code. There is a number of plugins out there (including mine) that are not using oAuth but just sending login and passwords in HTTP requests because, well, it's just easier for the lazy :Þ

To get you started on the oAuth authentication mechanisms:

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  1. redwall_hp says:

    Hehe, maybe this will push some users away from Alex King's plugin to mine, since it already has OAuth support. :)

  2. Gotta update my Tweet Tweet plugin ASAP! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Tayeb Habib says:

    Perhaps may be of interest of visitors, and not so, to know that I have written a twibot with OAUTH autentication, and have explained how to do it in my blog at:

    Until a few days ago, I was desperate in decifrating the usage of Twitter's OAUTH "puzzle".

    I have done it my way, as I have explained in my blog. By sharing the code perhaps more of rssfeed bots may continue to twit after Twitter's August 16th, 2010 programmed fasing out of basic authentication.

    in sunny Portugal!

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