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From my experience, here is how time is spent when writing a book about WordPress plugins: Seriously, the brainstorm part is ridiculously important. Writing standalone snippets only is neat sometimes, but on the long run it might leave the reader with the impression they won't be able to glue the various parts into a functional […][...] → Read more

(Note that for some reason our system calculated that our Technical Editor @nacin knows more than the 100% you can actually know about WordPress, which made the system crash, guess who's to blame) No, seriously: I'm learning a TON of stuff, even on subjects I thought I was proficient in. Stating the obvious: read the […][...] → Read more

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Posted On: 2010 / 09 / 14

… where "making an UI" means coding the plugin option page, making it understandable, carefully pick some wording, don't overwhelm with unneeded explanations but make sure everything is crystal clear, throw a bit of jQuery to make the page more functional. … and sometimes I'm a bit fed up with this pattern. Note that it's […][...] → Read more