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On: 2008 / 08 / 05
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Hello my dear Readers, guess who's back?

My holidays were pretty enjoyable. I spent a lot of time with my two kids, and had a very enjoyable week with my wife in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico where we had a taste of all the great stuff this country has to offer: white sand beaches, warm sea, fantastic scuba dives in the ocean and cavern diving in Cenotes, incredible Mayan places to visit, Dos Equis all day long, yummy typical food, and even local police racket (those gentlemen finedstole me 600 pesos:)

Now back to our regular affairs: while I was 40 feet deep under the sea, WordPress went 2.6 and I still have a few plugins to update. I know, I know! None of my plugins were really broken by 2.6, but some glitches require a few updates. Absolute Comments and Admin Drop Down Menus will be my main targets for the moment. I also have a very cool new plugin that's cooking and it's going to be hot, I promise. Stay tuned!

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  1. Travis says:

    Great to have you back, Ozh!

    Can't wait to see the new plugin that's in the works.

  2. L*F says:

    Mexico mexicooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    PLaya del carmen, souvenirs souvenirssssssssss. Welcome back et fais nous rêver!

  3. marco says:

    Welcome back to the real world *ehrz* :-D

  4. Sani Holidays says:

    Which hotel did you stay at in Mexico??

  5. Ozh says:

    Sani Holidays » I was here

  6. Lorelle says:

    How wonderful. I'm jealous. And glad to have you back in the saddle. Bet you ate the best of food! They have wonderful fruits and veggies and fantastic food there.

  7. Rich Schmidt says:

    Very cool, Ozh. My wife and I stayed at one of the Riu resorts in Playa del Carmen this past March during her spring break. (She's an elementary school principal.) And we swam in a cenote on the way to Chichen-Itza! It was a great place to visit.

    If you liked the Mayan ruins, you might think about taking the tour of Guatemala. We just did it this past month… and the ruins are amazing! The nice thing: you actually get to climb on them! I can't believe we missed the chance to climb the main pyramid at Chichen-Itza by just a few years… Oh well! Tikal, Guatemala is cooler, anyway! :)

  8. Rich Schmidt says:

    Oops! I put the wrong website in my link. If you want to see some pics from the ruins in Guatemala, you can see 'em on my blog. (I think I got the link right this time!)

  9. It's good to know that you're back… and your vacations to the Mayan places … I envy you !!
    Let me check the new plugin, I stop tracking your blog when you leave for vacations, so have a few posts to read…

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