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On: 2008 / 04 / 06
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Rejoice, community and blog network admins: next version of my Admin Drop Down Menus will support WordPress Mu (the thing that powers

By default, the top dark bar of the admin UI in MU is replaced with a list of the blogs you're currently running (or at least have some privileges in):
MU blog links

My plugin will fill this space with the same menus as in the regular WordPress version, plus a drop down list of all your blogs:
MU blog links — with the Admin Drop Down Menus

It's currently working smooth on my Mu test blog, running Mu's trunk which is marked as unstable or even, for some files, as "*DON'T SVN UPDATE!*" :). I'm waiting for something more polished to be released and will eventually publish my plugin update. My recent experiences have taught me not to release plugins developed against an unstable, since things are too likely to change and break your work.

Mu users and admin, stay tuned! (and feel free to ping me if I forget about this, I'm not a regular Mu user)

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  1. […] turkálni a dolgokban, de van igény a szépre és hasznosra, annak az egyik legjobb kiegészít? az admin felületre (dropdown menü, lel?ttem a poént). Esetleg ha valaki egy fullos CMS-t akar fargni a […]

  2. Andrea_R says:

    I'll have to try this on RC1 for WPMU 1.5. :)

  3. brian says:

    Any updates on the MU version? :)


  4. Ozh says:

    brian » It's the same plugin, should be MU friendly (it was at least a few weeks ago, didn't really check in the latest MU)

  5. brian says:

    i wasn't able to get it working.. i'm using 2.6 MU. When activated the top menu bar goes away.. :(

  6. TDAC says:

    We're using your great admin plugin on a WordPress MU site and while it appears to work well we get loads of Undefined index messages in our error_log every day. For instance:

    [Thu Apr 02 20:53:29 2009] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: fluency in /home/webadmin/ on line 32, referer:

    [Thu Apr 02 20:53:29 2009] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined index: mu in /home/webadmin/ on line 33, referer:

    Any idea how to fix this?


  7. Ozh says:

    TDAC: I have to publish an update for other things, which will fix this.

  8. Anthony says:

    Hi, I used the MU fix in the original file posted for Regular MU that enabled me to place this in the MU plugins. However when I apply my settings it only works for my site admin blog. How do I apply my settings sitewide? Thanks.

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