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On: 2006 / 01 / 06
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Ah, I bet I have your attention with such a title now :) This post will have to be filed in "People are so strange sometimes" category.

Two of my favorite SEO blogs are, funnily enough, posting two stories on the same topic : what kind of story is the most likely to be noticed, clicked through or linked to.

  • SEO Black Hat reports that the most read article on an online newspaper (Seattle Times) was about some smart dude getting lethally injured while having sex with a horse, and that whenever they are publishing stories about horse sex, they become popular hits (link) (by the way, I'm just thinking, I'd start to feel quite weird and suspicious about my neighbours if I lived in an area where newspaper would report horse sex stories several times a year)
  • Graywolf illustrates the link popularity topic with a Lego Church page that has been heavily dugg (i.e. bookmarked on Digg). Indeed, fun stuff built with Legos seem to attract geeks and such stories are often mentionned on Slashdot's front page.

I guess that something like having sex with a large scale lego horse would make the most popular story ever, then. Heh.

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