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On: 2006 / 01 / 05
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I’m launching a new project for this blog : the “I want to take my wife to a wicked cool restaurant” project, funded by… you. Heh. Or, to be more specific, potentially funded by users of my plugins, since the Donation Project button will show up on WordPress Plugins related pages.

Of course, if by next month this experiment turns out to be a pathetic failure, I’ll probably remove the thing, and I’ll have to explain my wife that, unfortunetaly, she cannot get the smallest benefit from all this time I’m spending in front of my computer. Imagine how disappointed she would be. Come on. She’s such a nice wife. You cannot do that to her.

Next month, hopefully a followup for this experiment : the “I need a wicked cool car to take my wife to a wicked cool restaurant” Paypal donation project ! :)

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